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  • this test doesn't really show if you are actually pretty. it only depends on how much YOU think are pretty. if you think you're a 10/10 then the test gives you 10/10. if you think you're 5/10 then the test gives you 5/10. its the same irl. if you think you're pretty then others will give you the same response. however you think of yourself is how others see you.

    tsolinn Apr 2 '15, 10:39PM
  • 88! I feel ugly at home but pretty outside. quiz!

    VIPYasmin Jul 21 '12, 11:54AM
  • I got 94%. That's really cool.

    TypicalCaliGirl Nov 4 '11, 11:10PM
  • YAY!! I'm gorgeous!!

    FurbyGirl Oct 10 '11, 8:43AM
  • 99%?? i thought i would get way lower than that... Really sweety quiz!! lol

    LuluM Aug 6 '11, 10:48AM
  • You are 93% pretty.

    Well, if you answered the questions truthfully, then you deserve it. If not, get back and answer it for real, you can always lie when you leave a comment. You are obviously hott, and it's good for you. Don't let it go to your head though!!! XOxoBrookelle!

    i love this quiz

    oishee3 Jul 15 '10, 1:07PM
  • To those who don't get the results they expect; do not be sad, work harder on it everyone is pretty and cool on the inside.

    Miss evil Jun 10 '10, 5:04AM

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