Are you really as pretty as you think?

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tsolinn said:
Apr 2 '15, 10:39PM

this test doesn't really show if you are actually pretty. it only depends on how much YOU think are pretty. if you think you're a 10/10 then the test gives you 10/10. if you think you're 5/10 then the test gives you 5/10. its the same irl. if you think you're pretty then others will give you the same response. however you think of yourself is how others see you.

VIPYasmin said:
Jul 21 '12, 11:54AM

88! I feel ugly at home but pretty outside. quiz!

TypicalCaliGirl said:
Nov 4 '11, 11:10PM

I got 94%. That's really cool.

FurbyGirl said:
Oct 10 '11, 8:43AM

YAY!! I'm gorgeous!!

LuluM said:
Aug 6 '11, 10:48AM

99%?? i thought i would get way lower than that... Really sweety quiz!! lol

oishee3 said:
Jul 15 '10, 1:07PM

You are 93% pretty.

Well, if you answered the questions truthfully, then you deserve it. If not, get back and answer it for real, you can always lie when you leave a comment. You are obviously hott, and it's good for you. Don't let it go to your head though!!! XOxoBrookelle!

i love this quiz

Miss evil said:
Jun 10 '10, 5:04AM

To those who don't get the results they expect; do not be sad, work harder on it everyone is pretty and cool on the inside.

tomboy9876 said:
May 21 '10, 10:55PM

62%. thats prob tru. im not too prety :(

k 2456 said:
Apr 12 '10, 2:43PM

92%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :):):)
I like this quiz now!!!!!:):):)
Act ually, not to be braggy or anything I think I do look pretty good.
Except my legs, those are fat.

xxGreenDayxx said:
Apr 7 '10, 9:36PM

jeez. 50%. kinda depressing compared to everyone else

DarkKitty said:
Aug 27 '09, 6:08AM

I don't think I read that right....
Maybe it was 10?
Idk... but I have a shuper headache right now so that's possible...
And yes I did answer the questions truthfull it asked me that and the said "if you did then you deserve this score"
I find that very amusing since i answered every question truthfully.
Thats so cool! =D

xxheartbrakerxx said:
Jun 18 '09, 12:31AM

i got 89%!

xxheartbrakerxx said:
Jun 18 '09, 12:29AM

i got an 89%

mirgeo said:
Jun 12 '09, 2:00PM happy :)

DJ Chic La Freak said:
May 28 '09, 3:03AM

77%? I thought I got lower than that. Besides, even if you're not so attractive on the outside, you can still be extremely beautiful on the inside:)

BBallFever101 said:
May 23 '09, 8:16AM

91%?!?!?! Ok I like this quiz now! :) lol

KamiV said:
May 17 '09, 12:09AM

i got 78%

emowolfgurl said:
May 15 '09, 5:51AM,I wouldve nevr realized that.

hellogirl said:
May 14 '09, 11:52PM

ha ha , nice 95% not bad I am totally fine w/ the way i look i just wish i didn't wear glasses but w/o my glasses i got compliments. Thank goodness i get contacts soon. ILY

"Not all people are considered to be physically attractive, but they still are confident with themselves"

~A rule we should all live by.

Naruto9tails said:
May 9 '09, 9:18PM

98% wooot

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