There are a lot of people that call them self a true Christian, people that follow all the laws of God. if you think you are one of them, then you should have no problem taking this short quiz

Are you really a Christian? see if you are trully heaven bound, be suprized at what your results are, Have fun and good luck. TAKE THE QUIZ AND GET YOUR TITLE OF A REAL CHRISTIAN

Created by: mother of 4
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. SEX
No glove no love
Why not it's like a sport anyway
Only if you live with them
Only with the people in my little black book
I don't have sex I am not married yet
They are not my sole mate, so it does not count.
4. what religion do you belong to
I believe in GOD I just don't lable myself
5. You win the lottery you..
Donate all the money to the church
donate some to hungry children
screw the church I'm buying everything
screw the hungry children I'm hungry
I don't play the lottery
Pretend like you did win so no one know's
6. Your mother walked home in the dark one night and was raped, you find out two months later, you....
Tell her to report it to the police
Tell her to have an abortion
Go after the guy and shoot him
Tell your mom he will get his in the end
Go find the biggest guy fresh out of jail and have him do what he did to your mom
Pray for him and his sole
7. Your daughter/son comes home with a boyfriend/girlfriend she/he has been dating off and on for years, you then find out the boyfriend/girlfriend is of a different race, you say....
Don't bring that @$%* to my house again!
Smile and act like you like his/her
Tell your daughter/son I prefer you to date your own race
Welcome to our family, who am I to judge he/she could be a nice person like anyone else
You start crying on the spot and say sorry I've had a bad day
You tell your daughter/son they are no longer part of the family
8. Someone comes up to you and call's you a name and hit's you, you...
Punch them back and call them a name
Tell him/her to go to hell
Turn and walk away
Preach to him/her
Shoot him and ask for forgiveness later
Seek revenge on them later
9. Jesus was a....
The bartender down on the corner
Bio-son of Mary
My friend Juan's brother
The father of our country
A judgmental kind of guy
10. You find out that your EX has had more children other than yours with him by other people, although you are a step parent, your actions with your child is....
Your child will be apart of all the siblings lives
You say hell no my child won't be apart of those kids life.
You pick and choose which one your child will associate with for prejudice reasons
Children are Children they should know each other
My EX is slime and so are his children by someone else
I'm just trying to protect my child
11. How often do you drink
Every day the only way function
Every once in a while
Only once a week and its only one glass
I don't drink at all
Only tried it a few times, don't really like it
Get so drunk I cant remember my own name
12. Your car stops running on a long stretch of land there is no one around, but there several car's coming up the road, a few stop and the driver's gets out they all ask you if you need help and you take the help from......
The white guy with a clean cut look but has a dead body in the back of his car
The Mexican guy that really can't speak good english
You would rather freeze in hell first
The black guy thats covered in dirt from head to toe because he works in a oil field
The deaf guy with one hand and a gun in his glove department
You rather wait tell a family member notice your missing and they call police to go looking for you

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