Are you ready to have a baby?

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Apr 12 '16, 4:38AM

68% wow..its still early dude but if someone would carry it for me iwont mind

jesswhatserface said:
Mar 13 '16, 11:56AM

79% ready, says my life situation is great, and I can handle the change. But didn't tell me what I'm waiting for...?
But still it's just a quiz lol, and made by someone named jessica....creepy 0_o

jad1023 said:
Sep 6 '15, 7:10PM

I am so glad to not be pregnant.

jessie and alexa said:
Jun 25 '15, 1:07AM

this is so...stupid! come on! i'm a 13 year old teen!!! do u think i need a kid?! i was just taking the test because i was bored and then i said no to everything and they said i was ready for a kid! who am i kidding!!? this is H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E.!!!

Mr Comediatric said:
Apr 25 '14, 9:03PM

42%... why do I even try?

conkayla said:
Jun 3 '13, 9:58AM

79% i'm ready for a baby

mdupre795 said:
Jul 22 '12, 5:39PM!

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