Are You Ready To Be A Parent?

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Leo Valdez said:
Jun 18 '17, 7:42AM

I'm a great dad!

Etini said:
Sep 18 '15, 9:18PM

I'm too young but best quiz e er

SilverFangRules said:
Apr 1 '15, 7:05PM

I got Great Parent YES

friendzonefiona said:
Sep 14 '12, 4:11PM

*it was fun reading your quiz, is what I meant

friendzonefiona said:
Sep 14 '12, 4:10PM

lol it was fun your reading quiz... it gives me ideas haha can't wait to have kids so Ican troll them bwahahahaha

OpenMindedGirl said:
Jun 10 '12, 4:46AM

Lol i almost had 100%, damn im gonna be a good parent! But the funny thing, is how im waaay far thinking about that s--- LMAO! Hey! 1st thing i need a man, a career, a apt, and travel!!!! s---, this is waaay in the future.

ruby62 said:
Dec 29 '11, 5:55PM

yes i am a great parent

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