Are You Ready To Be A Parent?

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Leo Valdez said:
Jun 18 '17, 7:42AM

I'm a great dad!

Etini said:
Sep 18 '15, 9:18PM

I'm too young but best quiz e er

SilverFangRules said:
Apr 1 '15, 7:05PM

I got Great Parent YES

friendzonefiona said:
Sep 14 '12, 4:11PM

*it was fun reading your quiz, is what I meant

friendzonefiona said:
Sep 14 '12, 4:10PM

lol it was fun your reading quiz... it gives me ideas haha can't wait to have kids so Ican troll them bwahahahaha

OpenMindedGirl said:
Jun 10 '12, 4:46AM

Lol i almost had 100%, damn im gonna be a good parent! But the funny thing, is how im waaay far thinking about that s--- LMAO! Hey! 1st thing i need a man, a career, a apt, and travel!!!! s---, this is waaay in the future.

ruby62 said:
Dec 29 '11, 5:55PM

yes i am a great parent

cats said:
Dec 3 '11, 4:02PM

You'll make a great parent! You'll treat your children with respect and they'll respect you for that. They will look up to you and want to be like you. You'll be the "cool mom" that they brag about. Just remember to hold on to that bond you have.

Fearless1111 said:
Aug 22 '10, 7:43PM

Sweet I'll Make A great parent!

Tinkerbell13 said:
Mar 24 '10, 10:33AM

I'll make a great parent! It's a good thing considering I am pregnant and will be a mother in a few months! lol...

hollister said:
Mar 21 '10, 12:57PM

i will make a great parent! it took me like 10 min. to finish this quiz! to much writing!

beauty13 said:
Mar 21 '10, 11:04AM

You'll make a great parent?! I'm only 13!

I like music said:
Mar 20 '10, 12:35PM

Me? Make a great parent? But I chose the equavelant of the option "Beat the s--- out of the kid" on every question? s---ty quiz, I'm only 12 anyways, and I've made LOADS of kids cry.

timothy4444 said:
Mar 20 '10, 9:09AM

I will make a Great Parent.

pagangirl101 said:
Mar 20 '10, 1:17AM

I'll make a great parent! Too bad I don't really want kids... Oh well. Only 16 right now anywho

Carri04 said:
Mar 20 '10, 12:12AM

Sorry, letting ME baby sit other children, lol typo

Carri04 said:
Mar 20 '10, 12:12AM

A Great parent? and I'm only 13?? WELL THEN! I guess I can nag my father into letting babysit other children ^ - ^

Wassup9877 said:
Mar 9 '10, 7:48PM

AWESOME! I got 100% yes! I am SO ready to be a mom!

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