Are you ready to babysit?

Babysitting is an important job. Many, many people choose to do this job. It is, afterall, important. Who else is going to watch over the kids when the parents are gone?

Well, do you have what it takes to babysit? You can try your "luck" here. See what level you are when it comes to babysitting children, and what you can work on?

Created by: pinkjumper
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You're babysitting your cousin, Ana. Her parents are out at a dinner, but Ana starts to upchuck. You:
Call her parents, only to remeber they're at dinner.
Clean it up, and then bring her to bed.
Clean it up.
Do nothing, but calm her down.
4. As if the upchuck wasn't enough, now she misses her mom. You:
Quick! Call her parents!
Calm her down, hug her, and tell her that her parents will be home soon.
Calm her down with candy.
5. When it comes to siblings, you have:
A mixture of older and younger.
All older.
All younger.
Only child.
6. Girl:You are babysitting Brian and all he has are toy cars, trucks, ect. Boys:You're babysitting Leah and all she has are rag dolls.
Girl: Play with him. Hotweelz are cool, right? Boy: Dolls... I guess I'll play
Girls: play a little, then watch. Boys: Play than watch
Both: I'll just watch
Both: Suggest something else
7. What do you bring to babysit?
Arts and crafts, books, gum, and other things like that
Gum and my MP3 player- my MP3 player for me
Eh. Nothing really.
8. The kids are whining about how they want to go someplace. But you don't have your licence yet!
Explain I'm not old enough to drive, but offer to take them on a wagon ride.
Explain I'm not old enough to drive.
Ignore them. I just can't drive, okay?
9. The kids really want to watch Barney. You:
Half watch, half text.
Pretend to watch.
Go into another room.
10. Well, that painting project was succesful. There's paint all over the floor!
I clean it up. What else would I do?
Have the kids help me clean it up.
Leave it.
11. The kids are total brats. You:
Just ignore the brattiness
Give smart remarks every once in a while.
Start to ignore them completely.
12. The kids:
Love you!
Like you.
So-so with you.

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