Are you ready For Middle School?

Are you to cool for school? Ready for the challenge? Or not so ready? Take this "Are you ready" quiz to find out! The results will never lie! Turst me. XoXoXo


Created by: XoXoXo of Middle School Survival
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1. What is your age?
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3. It's the night before your first day of middle school. You:
Text the gals and walk to school together.
Open and Close your lock combo. Gotta make sure!
Pannic and hide under your bed
4. When you get to school, you can't find your locker! QUICK! What do you do?
Calmly ask the nearest Teacher wear Locker 237 is
Look around nervously and scan the lockers.
Get Real nervous and dash to the girls room
5. At lunch your friend's forget to save you a seat, and their table has no room for you. You:
Smile and Pull over a chair, you'll find a way to fit
Sigh and suggest you move to a bigger table
Go sit somewhere else where no one can see you
6. A cute boy in your English class comes up to talk to you. What do you do?
Smile and introduce yourself. You can never have too many friends! (In this case, CUTE ones!)
Say "Hi" and ask his name
Look away blushing. This is embaressing!
7. You need a partner for Science class. Who do you chose?
Duh! Your BFF! You'll have a super great time!
The Math-wizz. He'll get your grade up, and you can show him how to be cool
The most popular girl of course. You'll totaly look cool
8. You drop your books in the hall. Everone stares, How do you react?
Calmly pick up your books and keep walking
Hope it's not a big fuss, but try to stay cool
Quickly pick up your books, and hurry away
9. Your friend's want you to sign up for 6th grade president. What do you say?
Sure! Sounds fun!
Maybe, sounds kinda cool.
No way! I'm teribble at making big decisions. Especially for a ton of other people!
10. When you get to school, your friend tells you you have black marker all over your face What do you do?
Scrub it off in the girls room, mad at your little sister
Turn red and have her help you get it off
Run home, and stay there until the next day
11. You pass the 6th grade Fashionista. She gives you a major "uh-uh" look to your new skirt. What do you do?
Wear it proudly. You don't care what she thinks!
Wear it for the rest of the day, and then keep it in your locker. It will stay there forever
Imeadeitly take it off in the girls room.
12. You and your friend get in a big fight, How do the kids at school react?
They all know, but I don't care
They know, and it's kind of weird
It's so embaressing!

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