Are you more extroverted or introverted?

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bubblz said:
May 10 '08, 6:17PM

It wasn't bad like a lot of quizzes made out of boredom on this site, but it really wasn't good either. It was kinda boring. While taking it, I couldn't wait for it to be over.

AppleBerry said:
Feb 26 '08, 7:11PM

Lol, I just relized I contradicted myself in that critique! I made a Quiz with this theme, but not with the "Agree" "Disagree" stuff.

AppleBerry said:
Feb 26 '08, 6:02PM

Critic: AppleBerry (AppleBerry@Royal.Net)
My Quiz Result: Extrovert
Creator's Score: 90
Comments: I made a quiz like this about two weeks ago, but mine wasn't like this at all. Great quiz, really! The only thing I could say you need to change is, the "Strongly Agree" "Disagree" etc, gets kind of boring, so make a veriety of types of questions. Good quiz!
Email me for mroe info, tips, and links! ;-)

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