Are You Going To Heaven?

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SC countrygirl said:
May 18 '16, 7:42AM

nice quiz but the bible also says do not comdem one to another to hell only u and god know wehter ur going to heaven or not

Bastille said:
Jul 5 '15, 3:13PM

0% and proud! :p

Beverlyreagan said:
Mar 17 '15, 10:46AM

I am not postive weather i am saved. I am 12 and my family has just started going to church this year even though i have always believed in god and jesus. But i feel as though i am saved. I am not baptised but my brother just got baptised. I think this quiz was very good and i am very happy you made it. I do not agree with litootles at all. And you can love one person more them others and that is god. I love my friends and my family but the lord jesus comes long before them.

liltootles said:
Apr 7 '12, 8:35PM

I really dont like this quiz at all. Everyone is allowed to heaven, the gates are always open and will always remain open for everyone. in the quiz you asked if we loved god more than our family and i think that is possibly the worst question ever i love my family more than anything, and i love god more than anything. god is considered my family. and you cant say that you love someone more than another it is twisted and dark. i think this was a terrible quiz.

rogue said:
Jun 13 '10, 10:27PM

Iam a little weak on somethings. Good quiz. God have mercy on my soul. Thanks

HitodamaKyrie said:
May 24 '10, 10:27PM

Haha, I got a 0%. I'm awesome.

Hinata said:
Nov 13 '07, 7:48PM

i love your quiz!

b_07 said:
Nov 13 '07, 6:38PM

This is a TOTALLY AWESOME QUIZ. if you are want to test your knowledge on Solomon's Proverbs then take my quiz: Proverb's of Solomon. And leave a comment Plz

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