are you dumb or not?

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there are many smartish people, and most people make silly little mistakes on quizzes like these, what is a smart person?someone who is good and knows things, its quite excetional.

are YOU dum or are you one of the smart people, take this quiz to find to what category you fall in, if your dying to find out take it now! its a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Created by: saffy and ellie
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1. how many fingers do you have?
non, ahhhhh! :O
errrrrmmm... one sec i will count:)
10, im very smart! :D
8 fingers and 2 thumbs....? :/
five!? :o)
i had an accident :(
2. what is 3x3x3x3x0
stop asking me these hard questions!!!
3. do you go to the library alot?
yes, im a nerd....
i work there
no, whats a library?
yes only at school though
no its boring........ :/
4. you see an animal injured what do you do?
i call 999!!! ahhhhhh there gonna dieee
i take it to the hospital :)
i eat it, nothing goes to waste at my house
i wrap it in bandages lololol:)
i laugh and walk off :D
get professional help! :)
5. i see someone bully someone else i...
cry, it should have been me!
oh well
help him/her bully the kid
call the vet
tell my dog
tell a responsible adult (not my dog)
6. you see a small creature in a zoo you.....
jump up and down
hit it with a stick
pick it up
be gentle with it
eat it
i am a small creature in the zooooo.....
7. your home alone you........
have a house party
clean the house and act responsibly
watch tv
poo on the floor
eat your dog
set the house on fire
8. your friend kisses your boyfriend/girlfriend you......
oh well i didnt like him/her anymore, lalalala
get drunk
jump off a bridge
im not in a relationship
i cry into my potato
i have a coversation with them both and tell them how i feel.
9. if i made a quiz i would make it about...........
eating people
me! obvs
lalalallala, huh you were talking to me?
10. if i make a cup off tea what do i use first.......
a cup
my cat makes tea
hot water

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