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There are many Hogwarts students, but not all of them belong in Gryffindor. Gryffindor is the house of bravery, where true brave people dwell. Being in Gryffindor in a gleam of glory! YOU have what it takes? Until now you could only wonder, but now, with this FAB quiz, you can find out! All you do is be a mayjor Potter fan! You can find out if you are Gryffindor material with just a few clicks!

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1. What is the address of Harry's aunt and uncle?
5, Privet drive, Little Whinging, Surrey
4, Livit drive, Little Whinging, Surrey
4, Privet drive, Little Whinging, Surely
4, Privet drive, Little Whinging, Surrey
4, Privet drive, Little Wingly, Surrey
2. What is Hagrid's first name?
3. In PS, what is the first spell that Hermione says?
Wingardium leviosa
Petrificus Totalus
4. In GOB, who enters Harry in the tornement?
Barty Crouch Jr
Ludos Bagman
Wormtail (peter pettigrew)
Mad eye Moody
Lord Voldemort
5. In POA, what does Hermione use to get to her classes?
Time turner
Time twister
Time do over
Time re - doer
Time happen
6. In COS, where does Harry end up when he gets lost using Floo Powder?
Knockturn Alley
Knocker Alley
Diagon Alley
Dragon Alley
Doogon Alley
7. What is the name of the Weasley's house?
The Brow
The Borrow
The Burrow
The Bruw
The Burraw
8. In OOTP, what association do some of the students form, to learn Defence the Dark arts properly?
Dobby's army
The Dobby's army
Dumbledore's army
The Dumbledore's army
Draco's army
9. In OOTP, which teacher does Dolores Umbridge try to sack?
Professor Sprout
Professor McGonagall
Professor Dumbledore
Professor Snape
Professor Trelawny
10. What part of a basilisk could kill you by looking at it?
It's teeth
It's eyes
It's scales
All of it
The end of it's taill.
11. How do you make a basilisk less deadly?
Blind it.
Tie it up.
Cut off the end of it's tail.
Ask it not to look at you.
Stroke it.
12. Does Sirius Black die?
What? Is there something I've missed?
No, he didn't die at all!!
Yes, he died in OOTP
Who is Sirius Black?
Yes, he died in POA
13. In GOF, what is the name of the dragon Harry has to face?
Hungry Horntail
Hungarian Horntail
Hungar Horntail
Hundred Horntail
Hurler Horntail
14. What are the names of the Hogwarts houses?
Griffin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin
Gryffindor, Raven, Hufflepuff, Slytherin
Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Huffle, Slytherin
Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Sly
Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin
15. In POA, the Hogwarts express brakes down on its way. How does it brake down?
It ran out of coal.
Dementors came on.
A tree fell down on the track, and the train bumped into it.
The students were looking at something out of the window on 1 side, causeing the train to topple off the track.
It lost some wheels.
16. How is Sirius Black related to Harry?
He was James Potter's best friend, so James made him Harry's godfather.
He isn't.
He's Harry's uncle.
He's Harry's grandfather.
He's Harry's brother, but Harry couldn't remember him because he got put in Azkaban.
17. What colour is the Hogwarts express?
18. How many children are there in the Weasley family?
19. In OOTP, what time does Harry perform the patronous charm?
20. In OOTP, which Ministry represetant send Harry a howler?
Miranda Honker
Mefelda Honker
Mirina Honker
Meralda Honker
Mevelva Honker

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