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  • you will die within 2 days if you do not post this comment to over 5 quizzes. when ur through press f6 and your crushes will appear on the screen

    thejacky7 Oct 11 '14, 5:12PM
  • if you know why you need a matchbook and an extra set of points we might be able to get it in

    Longshadow May 29 '14, 1:22PM
  • Old school

    England o3o Apr 5 '14, 2:45PM
  • loved this quiz. i knew alot of the answers, because you gotta live to ride baby. i have since i was 24 and introduced to the club of clubs.H A forever baby!!

    wildrose Nov 28 '11, 9:39PM
  • Helluva quiz, old school biker for ever. none of this new school s---

    pyrowolf Dec 31 '10, 4:28PM
  • Iknow who i am,what ive done,of the time where iam going.
    been there done that hope i live long enough to do it again
    most of my money i spent on beer and wild women
    the rest i just wasted

    Gray Beard Nov 30 '10, 6:56PM
  • Gray Beard
    bought my first harley the day i got home from nam june 1970
    the quize looked like a bunch of HOG members that got bored
    on a poker run
    ride safe

    Gray Beard Nov 30 '10, 6:45PM

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