Are you all talk and no walk?

So every one has things they are good at and not good at but that isnt what this quiz is about this is about if you try even if you think you may not succeed maybe you just need a little self confidence and energy

So do you morals of your very own, a decent head on your shoulders, determination, grit, and a general idea of societys acceptable limits and the want to do more with your life than dear old mom and dad lets see if you can

Created by: reda
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. If you have been working all day and your parent/roomate/other half ask you to do a simple tast ex: take out garbage you....
Get it over with do it now
AHhhhhhh, okay and sit for another 5 minutes
Wait till you are asked 4 more times
F&^* off I worked all day
4. If your stuck in a dead end job and despise everything about it you...
Quit after I have found a different job more to my liking
Quit but update your resume that day
Take a week or so off to chillax
Hey mom can I borrow 100.00
How long is th welfare/ei line???
5. You have a flat tire and have to be up verrrrry early to go to work when do you fix it
As soon as I can
Ahhhh, kick the car that look for the jack
At midnight with a flashlight taped to your head
Get up 20 minutes earlier
I sure do hope the tire fairy changes it while i sleep
Who needs to go to work
6. A friend needs a ride cuz its -30 outside and he/she dosent have a car but you just got in your p.j's and want to watch a movie
yah buddy I'll be there in ten minutes
Can I watch a movie first
Sorry, not tonight
Ahhh, dont call dont write leave me alone
7. You want to go to post secondary institution but have no financial backing you.....
Get a lone work to jobs and study, study, study
Procrastinate for 1 yr save for 1yr hope it works
Put on sunglasses and write change for the mute in a pea can and sit on the side walk
who wants to go to college and make a life for themselves
8. You want/need a new car and love to party you have 300 to spare after bills are paid of course you...
Save every freakin penny and know you can go and PARTY in 6 months
Ummm....I'll save 1/2 of it to fix my current car
I will save 50 a month for the next 500 years to get a car
Do youi think the tire fairy knows a guy who knows a guy
I dont havwe a car man...gotta buy blow
9. You live with some one pay no bills and are over 18 what should you do (what will you do)
Get off my lazy a## and get a good job and give the person I've been staying with some money
Pump Gas
Next week
Hey if they are gonna let me sleep on the couch I'm happy
10. If you have a physically cosmetic crutch you can fix without $ or cosmetic surgery required (ex. overweight)you...
Okay time to get of the couch and do some streches for your 5 mile run
Eat a salad for lunch
Awwww. my pizza pop exploded and covered this option
11. Youve been chillin with friends the last 4 nights you have a family event you needs to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for but everyone is going to shoot pool and have a few wobbly pops, you....
Adios, see ya tomorrow night
I'll play a few games of pool have a few beer
Go to the family event hung over to the nines
Take a 6er with ya, no sleep and smelling like a brewery
What family event
12. Your mom and dad got together when they were in school, got married had kids live an average life how do you feel about that
great it worked for them and i survived but i want more
yah if i could be like that would be cool or n ot i dunno
phhfff, I still live with em at the age of 25 im not thinking about my own life yet
13. Your friend wants you to take a art class with her/him even though they know you cant draw a stick man you
go along with a smile maybe you've developed some talent in the last 6 months
whine, drag your feet but go anyway
Hells No and remind them you can barely hand write
14. your most like what sesame street character
bert and ernie- inquisitive and cute
big bird-Dumb and still smiling
oscar the grouch-no one care bout you
the count-smart and a little out there
Ha Ha I still watch that every day while I wait for my mom to get home and make me cookies

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