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Scorni said:
Mar 31 '15, 2:26AM

Also, I am 100% sure that I entered all of the correct answers (because of how simple the questions were) and I received a 63%, so... Those "answers" were wrong. I double checked, by the way, though I really didn't need to; you're welcome. (and how mysogynistic is it that when I changed my gender to "male" I got a 75%?! Kind of offended...)

If you wanted me to be more understanding and polite, then you shouldn't have posted a bogus quiz that insulted both my intelligence and my gender. Next time you (or anyone else for that matter) ever says anything, be sure that you have the RIGHT information, or at least know what you're doing, that's how you avoid being thought of as an idiot by the general public. CONGRATULATIONS. I think you're an idiot; you deserve it, though, so...

Scorni said:
Mar 31 '15, 2:12AM

This was the most infantile quiz I've ever taken. I facepalmed more than once. (especially on question #6 where two of the answers were the same equation: 3(x+6) and 3(6+x) are equal; addition is interchngable, subtraction is not.)
Here's me derailing the description!
"Ther e are many smart people out there, some are even geniuses!" Captain Obvious strikes yet again! "Algebra is one of the harder math stuff for most people." Unlike Trigonometry and Calculus! That stuff is super simple compared to Algebra! (sarcasm. Also "math stuff," really? You couldn't phrase that any better? You're bad at English, too?) "If you can get a high mark in this quiz, maybe you're one step away to becoming a genius!" I'm pretty sure that the word genius implies birth intelligence not attainable through practice, and if it was that easy everyone would be less mind numbingly stupid. Also, what is this so called "one step" that you refer to? Tieing your shoes?
In the future, I'd like to advise all incompetent people to please refrain from creating quizes. And from existing, please; thanks.
(Also, this level of algebra is so easy that a brain damaged carrot that doesn't have a brain because it's a carrot could do it.)

WolfStag said:
Aug 3 '14, 6:35PM

I dont know where i got wrong. Hmp

twickersKnist said:
Jan 4 '14, 10:17AM

I noticed that I got 88% if I put all the correct answers and selected "female" and 100% when I selected "male".. XD lol idk I'm not even sure if.. Huh I don't know... I thought it was kinda funny.. Slightly messed up but also quite funny.. I just wanted to test that because I couldn't find the answer I got wrong.. I've read some of the comments saying this is a bulls--- quiz.. Huh. :/ well whatever I just found that interesting.

arlex said:
Apr 10 '12, 2:59AM

that was easy 94%

Yagottaluvme said:
Feb 26 '12, 1:40AM


Acetylcoa said:
Mar 17 '11, 3:49AM

3. X has to be 6
4. N has to be 14
5. Has to be 7 â n (variable)
6. Should have been worded as three times a Variable PLUS 6.
7. Has to be a VARIABLE subtracted by 2 times 3
8. Has to be -4
9. False
10. False
11. False
12. True

These are the correct answers, but you only get 88% if you use them. The only to get 100% on the test is to put wrong answers. This test is bulls--- and so is the person who made it.

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