Are you addicted to Dance Moms?

There are many Dance Moms fans who watch for guilty pleasure, but there are Dance Moms fans who watch like it's their life. Try to find out what category you fall in by taking my quiz.

Are you ready to find out if your addicted or not? Are you ready to answer the trickiest questions out of all Dance Moms trivia quizzes? If so, let the quizzing begin!

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1. Let's start off easy, who is Abby?
Abby is her favorite student.
Abby is her daughter.
Abby is the dance teacher.
2. Who is Abby's favorite?
Paige Hyland
Chloe Lukasiak
Maddie Ziegler
Mackenzie Ziegler
Nia Frazier
3. In Nationals 90210, who won Junior Miss Solo Division?
Maddie, without a doubt.
Nia, making a comeback.
Chloe, for once.
Mackenzie, Abby was so proud!!!
Brooke, easy.
4. What is Chloe's first solo titled on the show?
I Cry
Wrecking Ball
My Boyfriends Back
5. What are the names of the "ringers" Abby once brought in so they could beat Candy Apples and go to Regionals?
Katherine, Nina and Arielle
Katherine, Tina and Michelle
Katherine, Michelle and Kayla
Bella, Kayla and Michelle
Sophia, Kendall and Vivi-Anne
6. What is the name of Abby's beloved, taxidermied dog.
Abby Jr
Broadway Baby
7. Who is Chloe's little sister who constantly appears in Season 1?
8. What was the very first Pyramid?
Top - Maddie Middle - Chloe and Brooke Bottom - Mackenzie, Nia and Paige
Top - Maddie Middle - Chloe and Nia Bottom - Brooke, Paige and Mackenzie
Top - Paige Middle - Mackenzie and Brooke Bottom - Chloe, Maddie and Nia
Top - Paige Middle - Chloe and Maddie Bottom - Mackenzie, Brooke and Nia
9. What was the most scandalous number?
10. Who continues to be on the bottom and Abby continuously wants "more" of her mainly in Seasons 2 & 3
11. What are the names of all the boys ALDC Junior Competition Team has fraternized with?
Brandon and Gino
Kevin and Brandon
Kevin, Brandon and Gino

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