Are you a VIRGIN?

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Linea said:
Jun 29 '15, 4:52AM

Hahahaha first answered as myself... 28% and then like I think the thing works still only 77%. This is pure on the stereotype people think all virgins are. Like when you are over 25 you most possibly can't be a virgin.

HauntedWolf said:
May 12 '15, 10:19PM

Nah, forever alone.

musa moahmed said:
Oct 7 '14, 1:30PM

41% close enough

Pey17101997 said:
May 27 '14, 6:40AM

I'm a virgin and I got 15% virgin... I guess that is why one of my friends just assumed I was not a virgin haha

Janinna said:
May 21 '14, 8:24PM

I'm a virgin........ I got a 56%.......... I've never even slept in the same ROOM as a guy, unless you count my elementary-aged male cousin (Only 1 i got) and my Aunt's Boyfriend's son sleeping on the living room floor while I sleep on the reclining-rocking chair in there....... ^^; THat's the closest you can really get......

ella enchanted said:
Feb 5 '14, 3:11PM

nice quiz...i scored 59%,i'll just work on that
u didn't waste time creating this quiz

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