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We all love Ariana Grande. Some know much and some know little about her. However we aren't sure if we know all about her. So Let's make a guess by taking this quizz.

Here are some questions that all Arianators should know! Test your knowledge of Ariana and find out what questions you know well and what you don't know.

Created by: ArianatorsMyanmar
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1. Which of these songs is on Yours Truly Album?
You Don't Know Me
Lovin' It
My Favorite Part
2. Which of these songs is on My Everything Album?
Break Your Heart Right Back
Leave Me Lonely
Right There
Voodoo Love
3. Which of these songs is on Dangerous Woman Album?
Santa Tell Me
True Love
Better Left Unsaid
Bad Decisions
4. Which of these singers was Ariana never collaborated with?
Christina Aguilera
Tori Kelly
Perrie Edwards
Cold Play
5. Ariana's favorite food is (from four of these)
6. Ariana kissed in one of these music vidoes:
Right There
Love Me Harder
The Way
7. Yours Truly lead single is:
The Way
Baby I
Put Your Hearts Up
Right There
8. My Everything lead single is:
Bang Bang
One Last Time
Break Free
9. Dangerous Woman lead single is
Love Me Love You
Side To Side
Dangerous Woman
10. Ariana writes one of these songs:
Break Free
Into You
Pink Champagne
Too Close
11. Ariana collaborated with Nathan Sykes on:
Hands On Me
Over And Over Again
Santa Baby
Don't Be Gone Too Long
12. Who is Ariana's ex-boyfriend?
Justin Bieber
Harry Styles
Luke Brooks
Sean Anderson (Big Sean)
13. Ariana won 2016 AMAs under the title of:
Album of the Year
Artist of the Year
Song of the Year
Favorite Pop Female
14. Ariana and Meghan Trainor collaborated a song?
Yes, definitely!
No, of course not!
I don't know.
Probably, may be.
15. Ariana's highest single sale is 10M & 6xPlatinum certified in US. That single is
One Last Time
Side To Side
Bang Bang
16. Ariana's highest single sale is 10M worldwide & 6xPlatinum certified in US. That single is
One Last Time
Side To Side
Bang Bang
17. Who is your favorite ex-act?
Ariana Grande
Selena Gomez
Miley Cyrus
Demi Lovato

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