Are You A True Texan?

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Wolfgurl06 said:
May 31 '16, 8:23PM

100% texan yay i live there right now but i was born in s carolina

TripleT said:
Jan 26 '16, 3:46PM

I got 96%, what did I answer incorrectly???? I was born in Texas, raised in Texas, have lived in Texas all my life, and I got something wrong on the quiz??? I seriously doubt that.

ABeautifulSoul said:
Jan 21 '16, 7:31PM

So I'm not a tru Texan. Please,I was born and live in Texas. I am a girly girl,but I love horses. So maybe I don't know this stuff and I don't care because IM ONLY 11. We have a lot of time to learn my states history. Well 5th grade,yet I never payed attention. TAKE TAHT MS.CLARKE

AmazingGrace said:
Dec 26 '15, 11:56PM

It's not my fault I dunno a lot of stuff about Tx. I am only 11 bish! I am full Texan,well kinda. Maybe 70% Texan cuz I am too girly to dare get on a horse but horses are adorbs.

TBIRD said:
Jun 4 '15, 3:08AM


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The Wolf says I ain't dead yet

I been Blue Thunderbird for over 50 year

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Please, song for the pony tails, please:

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Every tribe has a sweetheart

Thank s cuz

AbstractWaffles said:
Apr 27 '15, 12:59PM

.... I'm full texan and i got 75%.... Lame...

narnia12359 said:
Feb 10 '15, 11:20AM

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