Are you A true Michael Crawford fan?

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I made this because I couldnt find a Michael Crawford fan quiz and it made me upset! I hope you enjoy this quiz and i hope you do well on it! Please listen to Michael Crawfords songs while taking this!

Have you ever wanted to take an are you a true Michael Crawford fan quiz but you couldnt find one? Well, here you go! Please try your best and I hope you enjoy it!

Created by: Birdy

  1. Lets start easy, when is his birthday?
  2. Do you own any of his CDs?
  3. Have you ever watched Some Mothers Do ave em?
  4. What is his favorite word?
  5. What award did he win for best actor in a musical?
  6. He was married to...
  7. He has what kind accent?
  8. Who was he in Phantom of the Opera?
  9. He did all of his own stunts in Some Mothers.
  10. On a scale from 1-10, how soothing is his voice?
  11. How fluffy is his hair?
  12. Which of the following describes you as a Michael Crawford fan?
  13. How often do you pray to the lord Crawford?
  14. Does Michael Crawford sing you to sleep every night?
  15. Michael Crawford asks you to marry him.

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Quiz topic: Am I A true Michael Crawford fan?