Are you a true gangster

Their is a lot of young teenagers who think they are gangster but don't even have a clue about gang banging. What is a true Gangster? A true gangster is some one who puts in work for their hood. some one who does not have to dress gangster to be gangster. some one who keeps their s--- to their self. Someone with a "Kill now- Talk Later attitude".

Are you a true Gangster? Do you have balls to be a true gangster. Stop bieng a leva and take the quiz and find out. This is not like the other quizes were they ask stupid questions. this is the real deal! find out right now if your a True Gangster or a Phony

Created by: daniel
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. When you are with your homies
Do you post up and keep troocha on the block
kick it listen to oldies and drink some pistos
go on youtube watch videos and post gangrelated comments
smoke some bud and play video games
check out the hynas in the swapmeet
take a cruise packed down on a beet up 4 door to the other side of town
4. What Rappers do you listen to.
south park mexican
lil wayne
Mr. copone-e
southland gangster click
5. How do you look
Shaved head Plain White-T and creased up kakis
Figures on your hair like stars and s---,Skinny jeans with a flano and some colorfull
long hair or spiky, saggy south pole pants with a fake gold chain and a 4 xL glittery shirt
nice fade hair cut Nice sized flano not tight and not saggy with some blue levis to the waist and some black stacy adams
f---ed up ass hair like you just woke up or got out of work with some Wannabe nike cortez with some solos that cover them and a jersy with a virgen marry and a 13 on it
long blond hair with some water sandals and shorts and a nice flowerd botton up shirt
6. what kind of people do you kick it with
staright locs putting in work for the varrio
game freaks
soccer players
football players
people who you see today but might not see them tomorow because they will get killed or sent to prison
no p---- getting
7. when some foo trys to ficght you what do you do?
tell him you don't have a problem with him
try to talk your way out of it
don't think twice and rush his asz
let your friend handle it for you
back down
beat him and his homies up
8. What kind of work have you put in for your neighborhood.
The homies homework
clean up graffiti
stabed some rival and did hard time for it
slang and jack to help you and your homies
killed a rival
crossed out the rivals tagging
9. If you witnesed a stabbing or a killing and you knew who it was will you
call the cops right away
gossip with all your friends about it
try to act hero
wait for it to be over and pocket serch the peson thats down
vomit and get tromatized
see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil
10. If you were in on the run for somthing big and the cops found you will you
turn your self in
run intill the catch you
go out like blasting
11. What is your favorite saying
fuk it thug life
mi vida loca
biches are when evers and homies are for ever
I don't want his pork chop, i want his life
holla pretty
You just got knocked the fugg out
12. What is your favorite number

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