Are you a spend-aholic or a frugal guru

Are you savvy with your money? I mean really savvy. Is your favorite past time looking in other people's carts at the grocery store and gauking at their ignorance. Or do you spend you weekends at the mall buying all the latest fashions.

Are you Economical? Do your friends laugh at your savvy techniques? When you take this quiz you can find out in ten simple steps if you are a "Depression Era Genius" or and Economical Egghead!

Created by: Rebecca Salazar
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. Cutting coupons is:
irrelevent to my shopping style I cook from scratch!
My favorite pastime. I save tons of money monthly
Something I do if I have time or am on a budget.
A waste of time. It takes too long and won't save me that much money in the long run.
4. When do you typically do your Christmas shopping?
I start the day after Thanksgiving
I pick up gifts throughout the year that I know my friends and family will like.
At the last minute with the rest of the procrastinators
Mostly during garage sale season.
5. When buying a new car, how much research goes into your decision?
I go to the dealership with the car I want in mind, ask for the best price and usually buy that same day. Dealing too much with salespeople gives me a headache.
I research all about the car I want and bargain a little with the salesperson, but usually accept the second price offered because I think it's the lowest he'll go.
research the invoice price, compare it to the sticker price and bargain with the salesman until I'm satisfied I'm being charged fairly.
Why would anyone buy a new car?
6. When shopping for shoes, I:
Grab the shoe I like in my size and make my purchase.
Pray that a slightly uncomfortable pair will become more comfortable after I break them in.
I don't shop for shoes I wait for my shoe freak friend to get sick of theirs and give them to me.
Walk around in them for awhile and make sure there's enough breathing room between my toes and the front of the shoe. If I'm 100% comfortable, I'll buy them.
7. My car currently has:
an empty fast food bag or two in it.
a reusable coffee cup in the cup holder
Items to numerous to list
empty 20oz soda bottles
8. When I want something to drink I mostly drink.
coffee or tea
chrystal light or Kool-aid
9. Our TV:
Has 100 to 150 channels
is on only in the evening
is on all the time or has more than 150 channels
is on closest to never
10. When I cook I:
Make Frozen Dinners and Mac and Cheese
Make some things from scratch and suppliment the meal with canned or boxed foods
Dial the phone!
Make everything from scratch
11. My child(ren) has had fast food:
At least twice this week
Once this week
Once this month
I think Grandma and Grandpa may have took them 6 months ago?
12. I have:
at least 2 major credit cards in my purse
at least 2 major credit cards and more than one store card in my purse
1 major credit card for emergencies
Just a debit card

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