Are you a show-offish Afghan?

Take this quiz to find out whether you are a show off Afghan or not. Your honesty is key to accurate results. So please, be totally honest. You do not have to share your answers with anyone. Therefore, it is important that you have show some integrity and honestly provide answers for all the questions. Thanks in advance for taking this quiz.

This is not a scientific quiz or a personality test. Although the answers will reflect an accurate assesment of whether or not you are a show off but still it is not set in a scientific manner. So just know that there is still hope and it is not something that you can not change if it turns out that you are a show off Afghan.

Created by: MB
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You like it when other people praise you and give you compliments.
4. Your parents brag about your achievements at school or work to visiting guests. They say you came first in school at some class. Eventhough there were only 2 people in that class.
Oh yea my parents like to brag about me
Maybe but who cares
I do not like that
5. I hope one day I will be able to buy my dream vehicle.
strongly Agree
umm maybe
not really...I dont care about cars
I rather buy a donkey
6. You bought these very nice clothes the other day. Today you have been wearing it all day. You met so many friends and relatives but no one said anything. You think next time you will leave the labels on, so people can see the price tag and see how expensive and nice the clothes are.
No, I wont leave the labels but the thing is that
I wore it, if they don't like it or say anything screw them.
I get uncomfortable when people give me compliments about my clothes
It doesnt matter to me if they say anything or not
7. You think if you do not wear nice clothes people will talk about you and say stuff behind your back. They may think you are poor or don't have a good sense of fashion
Strongly Agree
Agree somewhat
Agree but I do not care
I rather let them talk behind my back than wear something to please them.
If they talk behind, it is their problem, not mine
8. Women has to wear revealing clothes to get some attention
strongly Agree
not really they wear it cuz they are too poor to buy enough clothes to cover all body
I think they do it because they want to show Shaitan (Satan) how sexy they are
I think the more revealing, the more modern
I dont wear revealing clothes so I dont care about others
9. You went to one of your relative's house and oh boy they have these Afghan Rugs everywhere. They have huge flatpanel TVs in every room You wish you had all those things too.
I already have
yea One day bakhair even our toilet will have a TV
I will make sure, one day, I have everything so when other people come to my house, they get impressed
I won't buy those things even If I have loads of money.
10. You went to a wedding. Your clothes were not nice enough. So you tried not to be the center of attention. And just sat at one spot without moving too much.
Yea and some stupid person wanted me to dance. I didnt
not really
11. When you get married, you will spend everything that you have. It is once in a lifetime. So it is worth it.
No, I will spend as less as possible even though I can afford it
Yea I would even sell my mother-in-law and spend the money on my wedding
weddings are a big waste of money
People will be wowed at my wedding.
I hate weddings
I will borrow from my father-in law to spend on the wedding so in case I get divorced I wont pay him back.
12. People who drive cheap cars are poor
well isnt that how you judge people?
I dont look at people's cars
Yea they are cheap. They probably collect money and hid it in pillows instead of spending on a new car
13. If a super rich guest comes our house we make sure he is comfortable. We prepare the house several days in advance. Clean everything. Make sure there is nothing bad looking. We prepare the food in advance too. However we dont care much if the guest is too poor.
well yea cuz poor people know how to live like a poor
Rich people deserve to be respected more because they have money
what if one day I need something? that rich person can help but what can the poor guy do for me?
Every guest is the same for me.
yea my parents do that. But no, I am not like that
14. I want to have billions and spend it on shopping. I love it
Strongly Agree
Agree somewhat
strongly Disagree
15. success means having lots of money, having a career where people see you as well off...having a nice home and a nice car.
I agree somewhat
16. when I buy something, I usually keep in my mind about what other people may say. Because others talk about it. I strive to keep their mouths shut and live my live according to what others think of me. I see myself through other people's eyes.
You said it so blunt. You are trying to get a confession from me or what
No that is not me but shhhhh
maybe who cares
No, I do not care about the opinion of others.
From today on, I wont care because people will say something no matter what.

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