Are you a show-offish Afghan?

Take this quiz to find out whether you are a show off Afghan or not. Your honesty is key to accurate results. So please, be totally honest. You do not have to share your answers with anyone. Therefore, it is important that you show some integrity and provide honest answers for all the questions. Thanks in advance for taking this quiz.

This is not a scientific quiz or a personality test. Although the answers will reflect an accurate assessment of whether or not you are a show off but still; it is not set in a scientific manner.

Created by: MM
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. You like it when other people praise you and give you compliments.
I do, it shows they care about me.
I do not care
They better praise me cuz I deserve it
I never get enough compliments
4. Sometimes, you think Afghans are superior compared to people from countries neighboring Afghanistan.
Yes, Afghanistan has ruled over some of the neighboring countries
Yes Afghanistan has a lot of natural resources.
Yes, Afghans are real people, others are fake
No I think everyone is equal
Others are superior.
5. I want to have billions and spend it on shopping. I love it
Yes, shopping is my passion
I want to buy the whole world.
I buy things and then return it.
I have borrowed money to buy stuff
I never buy anything unless I really need it
6. Being successful means having lots of money, having a career where people see you as well off...having a nice house and a nice car.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
No success is money. when you have money, you can have almost anything
success is peace of mind
7. I rather walk than drive an old car when relatives can see me.
Yea, cuz that is how some people judge you
Yea, it is sad but the truth, I dont want others to think that I am poor
It is not about being poor but people think you are cheap and dont want to spend money on a new car
I don't care about others think
I once went to a relatives house on a donkey, it is fun
8. If a super rich guest is coming to our house, we make sure he is comfortable. We prepare the house several days in advance. Make sure there is nothing bad looking. We prepare the food in advance too to ensure everything is best. However we dont care much if the guest is too poor
well yea cuz poor people know how to live like a poor
Rich people deserve to be respected more because they have money
Every guest is the same for me.
yea my parents do that. But no, I am not like that
what if one day I need something? that rich person can help but what can the poor guy do for me?
9. when I buy something, I usually keep in my mind about what other people may say. Because others talk about it. I strive to keep their mouths shut. If I buy something weird, they will may ridicule me.
Strongly Agree
Agree somewhat
Strongly Disagree
Cheqa Agree or Disagree guftee
10. Some Afghan women wear very revealing clothes to get some attention.
Not really, one she wears less clothes cuz she may be poor and not have enough money to buy enough clothes for all her body
I think they do it because they want to show Shaitan (Satan) how sexy they are
I think the more revealing, the more "modern"
I dont wear revealing clothes so I dont care about others
No opinion
11. Let's say, your parents brag about your achievements at school to a guest. They said you are very intelligent and came first several times. Eventhough you know they are not telling the truth. What would you do?
I would point out in front of the guest that they are lying. I would also tell the guest that my parents are the biggest liers ever
I wont say anything cuz it is just inappropriate to prove your parents liars.
I would just forget it. Who is not a big deal.
It would feel uncomfortable and when the guests leave, I would tell my parents It is not good to lie.
12. Suppose, you bought these very nice clothes the other day. Today you have been wearing it all day. You met so many friends and relatives but no one said anything. No one even said how nice they are. You think next time you will leave the labels on, so people can see the price tag and see how expensive and nice the clothes are.
No, I wont leave the labels but the thing is that "khar da namak che mefahma" so these people don't know how to compliment
they are just jealous. They know they can't have it. Because I custom ordered this.
I wore it, if they don't like it or say anything screw them
I get uncomfortable when people give me compliments about my clothes
It doesnt matter to me if they say anything or not
Next time, I will remind them that I am wearing these clothes.
13. Suppose, you are in a different city. It is two days left to your wedding. You are supposed to meet your finace today to buy order a ring. There is a shortage of gasoline. There are no cars on the streets. You dont have a bike. You only have two options, walk 50 miles or ride on a donkey that your friend brought for you.
I would ride the donkey
I would rather walk
14. I hope one day I will be able to buy my dream vehicle.
Yes one day!!!!
umm not really I dont have a dream car and I wont have any
I already have my dream car. My friends like it
15. My relatives really like me. Sometimes they are jealous of me, though.
Strongly Agree
Agree somewhat
Strongly Disagree
I am jealous of them
16. You took a class at school, because your parents, relatives or friends wanted you to take eventhough you did not want to.
Yes that happens all the time
Happened a few times
Only once but never again
never happened and never will happen
Has not happened but I dont mind..
17. You went to one of your relative's house and oh boy they have this huge mansion, beautiful gardens, waterfalls and insde the house these Afghan Rugs everywhere, all one of a kind, antique pieces. You wish you had them.
Yea and bakhair one day I will have
I dont think I can ever have it but I wish I had
I dont care
I will never go there again because they think they are too rich and I dont feel comfortable being there
18. I like attention be it negative or positive.
I only like positive
I only like negative
Makes no difference to me
I like any attention
I dont get any
I dont get enough
19. You will make your wedding so huge that everyone in the city will remember the event.
Yea I would even sell my mother-in-law and spend the money on my wedding
I will borrow from my father-in law to spend on the wedding so in case I get divorced I wont pay him back
People will be wowed at my wedding.
I hate weddings
I will be moderate with it.
I will put a special drug in their waters on tables so guests dont feel hungry and dont have enough appetite to eat and hence I will make less food and this way I will save lots of money.

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