Are you a savvy shopper?

A Savvy Shopper is someone who knows how to spend her money wisely and find great deals, all while looking fabulous! Take this quiz and find out if you are making the right decisions or just expensive/cheap ones!

Are you a Savvy Shopper? Do you know when to beef up your budget and when to scrimp and save? Find out if you are wasting your time and money or if you are a Savvy Shopper after all!

Created by: Milena Joy of Milena-Distinctive Image Consulting
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1. If you walked into a store with a gift card for $500, you would likely walk out with:
A great pair of shoes
2 pairs of jeans and 5 shirts
10 shirts, 2 pants, 1 skirt, 1 sweater
A scarf and $485
2. Alterations are...
Not worth it
A caveat to buying clothes
3. The one thing all my clothes have in common
They all fit well
They are all brand name
They are all black
They are all bargains
4. You just found out about a black tie event that is happening next month, you:
Wait till the week before to find something
Stop eating so you can fit into the dress from 2 years ago
Think the dress you bought a couple months ago might be perfect
Freak out, you don't have enough time to find the perfect dress
5. You usually find out about sales:
On the last day when everything is picked over- ugh!
A few days or even a week before
When you are at the store
Never, I prefer to pay full price
6. The more you spend...
The more you save
The more guilty you feel
The higher your credit card bill gets
The more you love your wardrobe
7. How often do you shop:
Only when I need something
At least twice a week
Twice a year
At least once every 2-4 months
8. Sales are:
The only time I shop
Where you can find the best value
A waste of time
Can uncover some buried treasures
9. You normally wear a size 8, however the size 8 shirt you tried on is a little snug, you...
Buy it because you are planning on losing weight anyway
Leave it, you are always an 8
Try on the size 10
Buy it because you can always return it
10. You measure the success of your shopping trip by:
How much money you saved
How many outfits you can create with the new clothes
How many new designers you can add to your closet
The sizes you were able to buy

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