Are You A Real Vermonter

Real Vermonters love their state, as do many "wanna-be Vermonters." It takes a strong person to make it in Vermont, and it takes a strong knowledge of the Green Mountain State to do well on this quiz.

Go ahead and take this quiz. Find out if you are a Real Woodchuck, a Transplanted Flatlander, a Seasonal Resident, or just a Tourist out for a leaf-peeping drive.

Created by: Bill
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3. The Vermont State Fairgrounds are located in what town?
Essex Junction
4. Moose are...
Wonderful creatures for viewing pleasure.
A potentially deadly road hazard.
A delicious meal when served with a nice side of potatoes and carrots.
What's a Moose look like?
5. The P&H needed to be remodled.
No, it was fine the way it was.
It was OK, but needed a facelift.
Thank God they got rid ofthe old wallpaper!
My first trip there was last week and I never saw it before.
What is the P&H?
6. Real Vermonters shop...
On Church Street.
In Williston.
In Wilton, New York.
In West Lebenon, New Hampshire.
The Diamond Run Mall.
7. Your primary source for news is?
The line at the feed store.
A New York based TV station.
8. The "251 Club" is?
A great bar on Church Street.
A loosely organized club for individuals who have visited every town in VT.
I'm in the Club!
I have no Idea.
9. Rusty DeWees is...
the Mayor of Stowe.
the Logger.
the guy who played the mean guy in "Stanger in the Kingdom."
I have no clue.
10. You can drive directly from Stowe to Underhill in the winter.
If you have a snowmobile you can.
No way. The road is closed.
I have no clue.
Why Not?
11. Chose Your Beer.
Magic Hat #9
Shed Mountain Ale
Long Trail Ale
Rock Art Ridgerunner
A 30 Pack of Bud
Samuel Adams
12. A Parts Car is...
an eyesore.
in my yard.
What's That?
13. Champ is...
The mythical creature of Lake Champlain.
A Car Wash.
A Radio Station.
The Minor League Baseball Team Mascot.
All of the Above.
I Have No Clue.
14. The sticker on your vehicle says...
VT and is in an Oval
Gut Deer
Cape Cod Over Sand Permit
None of the Above
15. Twelve days before Thanksgiving marks...
Ethan Allen's Birthday.
The first week of exams at UVM.
The first day of deer season.
Big sales in the Manchester outlets.
Killington opens.
16. One percent of the total assesd valuation of all real estate or personal property in a town is known as?
Vermont State Property Assessment
Act 250
The Town Tax Base
The Grand List
I Have No Clue
17. Routes 15 and 104 intersect in the town of...
18. I don't pay to ski or ride in VT because....
I know the lifties and I buy them beer.
I skin up the slopes thus avoiding the lift ticket all together.
I have a bunch of vouchers.
I work for a ski resort.
Huh...I didn't know I could ski or ride for free.
I don't ski or ride.
19. I'll get some ice cream from....
Ben & Jerry's
The closest Cree-Mee.
The supermarket.
Wilcox Dairy
20. 1777-1791 BEST refers to....
The time period of the Revolutionary War.
The time period of the Republic of Vermont.
The amount of pennies Bernie spends on a suit.
How many ounces of marijuana can be found at any one time on the UVM campus.
The amount of Moose in Vermont.
The amount of potholes and frost heaves on Route 100 in April.

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