Are You A Real Nerdfighter?

Vlogbrothers are popular on Youtube. Many people have heard of them, and many people are huge fans. A TRUE Nerdfighter knows just how much importance Peeps, Happy Meals, and Harry Potter have in the world of Nerdfighteria. But do you really know the Nerdfighter facts?

DFTBA! Do YOU know what it means? If you think you are a real Nerdfighter, take this quiz to find out! Do you NOT know what a Nerdfighter is? If you're proud of being a nerd, check out Nerdfighters, a whole new nerd community. Best wishes!

Created by: DFTBA
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1. What are the names of the two brothers who make up the Vlogbrothers?
John and Mitch
James and Thomas
Nathan and Sam
John and Hank
2. What does DFTBA stand for?
Don't fail to bring apples.
Don't forget to be awesome.
Dance for the bad attitude.
Drugs fatten the big adults.
3. What are Nerdfighters?
People who fight nerds.
Nerds who fight each other.
People without jobs.
People made of pure awesome.
4. Which word is spelled incorrectly in the original intro to the videos?
5. Which WASN'T a punishment/part of a punishment that John/Hank had to do in a video?
Buy 100 marshmellow Peeps, and eat as many as possible.
Wax your chin.
Shave a llama.
Lick a cat.
6. Which is a favorite food of Hank's?
Corn dogs
Cold pizza
7. What are the names(or nicknames) of John and Hank's wives?
Kate, Katherine
Amelia, Sarah
Chris, Rita
Katherine, The Yeti
8. Where does Hank live?
Missoula, Montana
New Orleans
Ames, Iowa
9. What is John's pet? What is the pet's name?
A cat, Willy
A dog, Willy
A cat, Bubbles
A dog, Bubbles
10. What does John do for a living?
He is a teacher.
He is an author.
He is a marine biologist.
He is a mathemetician.
11. Where did John MOVE FROM in early 2007?
New York
Missoula, Montana
Ashville, NC
12. Which WASN'T a rule of the year long vlogging project?
No textual communication.
A video must be posted every day except weekends/holidays.
The videos had to be at least 10 minutes long.
The project would continue for a whole year.
13. What were Hank's Wednesday challenges?
To dance somewhere in public.
To eat 3 whole candy bars.
To make a 20 minute long video.
To compose an original song and perform it.
14. What is a happy dance?
A happy person.
The dance you do when you're happy.
A nice thing to do for someone.
A marriage.
15. Aren't Nerdfighters lame?
God, I love rainbows.

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