Are You A Real Latin King/Queen?

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King_RastaFL said:
Jun 12 '16, 1:25AM

To All brothers and sister i stand before you with 5 points as my blood pumps Amor De Rey.

king shorty said:
Apr 6 '16, 4:58PM

A.D.R to all my brothers in NYC chapters i was deported to EL SALVADOR for staying true to my nation

king shorty said:
Apr 6 '16, 4:55PM

DuBray said:
Apr 5 '16, 1:38AM

DuBray said:
Apr 5 '16, 1:37AM

18573122957 said:
Mar 2 '16, 12:40AM

King love, I'm KING SCARFACE out of beantown and I'm here to let those brothers and sisters who want some knowledge, wisdom and understanding I'm here to help you grow pls reach out.... AMOR DE REY.

Elevatetorres said:
Jan 26 '16, 9:45PM

King elevate
The first step to becoming a king is being true to yourself for this nation don't need anymore wolves in sheep's clothing and if u get the way I got it you'll be in it for life 23 and counting its the first day that count not the last

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