Are You A Non-Nerd, A Nerd, A Super-Nerd, or a Super-Duper Nerd?

Below are comments submitted by users for the quiz Are You A Non-Nerd, A Nerd, A Super-Nerd, or a Super-Duper Nerd? -- comments appear in reverse chronological order, newest on top.

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Veshi1234 said:
Jul 6 '16, 5:01PM

This is so freaky!this year will be the best year of your life! DONT STOP READING!!!if you post this on 1 quiz your mom will say"I love you" to you.2 quizzes-your best friend will start to ignore you for a few days

Katelynnhawley said:
Apr 10 '16, 1:06AM

Yay! Super-Duper Nerd! PS that code was awesome!!!

TLMR said:
Mar 18 '15, 11:50AM

I am a 60% non Nerd, a 60% Super Nerd, a 40% nerd, and 40% Super Duper Nerd....... f--- me right?

Mattyboo said:
Jan 7 '15, 3:33PM

Yes! Super-duper nerd! Get in!

heyitssj said:
Aug 15 '14, 1:15AM

Super nerd!!! Which I actually am in RL.

Jenniferdu said:
Feb 1 '14, 11:26AM

I got nerd I'm a super nerd

Jmvbot said:
Dec 24 '13, 2:47PM

Super duper nerd!!!! :D

gamergirl42 said:
Sep 22 '13, 8:54PM

Yes! Super-Duper Nerd! :D

pikapika25 said:
Aug 22 '12, 6:16PM

hell yah in not a nerd dawgs

Pathabeo said:
Aug 4 '12, 9:23PM

So you're only a nerd if you study!? What if you, you know, don't have to study? Cuz that's what I do before I ace all my tests, not study (I'm serious by the way) and nerds are awesome anyway, we make the world go round!

oxSierraxo said:
May 31 '11, 7:53PM

Your Result: You are a Non-Nerd

You are a non-nerd.... You are so not a nerd, just like most people. You are really not a nerd. This isn't very interesting, but it has to be 150 characters long, so sorry. Really, sorry. Really sorry. REALLY!


Actually Im Not Smart Nerd...
Im More Of The Nerd People Would Laugh At...
But Yeah...


smartgirl115 said:
Jan 7 '11, 4:28PM

OMG... it says I'm a super-duper nerd! Please don't lagh at me, or else i'm gonna bust that huge skull of yours whoever laughs at the fact that I'm a super-duper nerd. I will kick your a$$&$$! >:-D

Melissa_Avery said:
Sep 3 '10, 6:01PM

It says I'm a nerd. You don't have to be stupid to be awesome :P. And when you really think about it being cool doesn't help you get a job:/

Speedie said:
Aug 3 '10, 12:31AM

I'm nerdy but there's nothing wrong with that.

abc123cde said:
Aug 15 '09, 5:14AM

This quiz is so awesome. I am so not a nerd. Not that I thought I was or you could mistake me as cuz if you try and call me one I'll just tell you, WHATEVER.

Evil Lord Inthiyr said:
Apr 15 '08, 5:49PM

Yes, I got super-duper nerd!!! And, wow, you're one of the only people I know that actually understands that being a nerd isn't a bad thing.

Who said:
Dec 28 '07, 10:24PM

This quiz is so cool! I love it! But I won't tell you my results! ;-)

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