Are you a natural beauty?

Are you preety?Maybe with makeup,but could you be stunning withOUT makeup?Find out!See if you have the right to own the presteened title gorgeous.Will you be clear face,or pizza face?

I do not mean to belittle any one on here.I made this quiz for light hearted fun.It is not to be taken seriouslly.Also if you are a boy.BACK OFF!THIS QUIZ IS FOR GIRLS ONLY!Ok, got that every one?

Created by: eilloh
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1. Do you have a clear complexion?
I rival a pepperoni pizza.
I am marked here and there.
I have a few zits,and pimples.
I have no zits,or pimples on my face.
I'm like perfect so DUH!I have no blemishes(self concieted much?)
2. Do you have long eyelashes?
I burned my eyelashes.
My eyelashes aren't the best.
They're ok.
I don't pay attention to them.
I'm perfect so my eyelashes are the best!(you irk me)
3. What do you normally drink every day?
Something STRONG.
Diet cokes
4. Your hair is:
Smooth and tangle free
Smooth with a few snarls
Very tangly with no split ends
Very tangly with split ends
5. Erm...How much do you eat?
Three meals a day
I skip breakfast
Around five meals
To embarrassed to say
6. How are your teeth?
Straight and a pearly white
A bit crooked,but i have white teeth
Straight but yellow
Crooked and yellow
What teeth?
7. Do you have full lips?
8. Would you be confortable with wearing no makeup?
9. What is your daily makeup scedule for your eyes?
Mascara,eyeliner,and about five kinds of shadow to put on,
Mascara,eyeliner,and some eyeshadow
Mascara and eye shadow
10. What about the face?
Foundation,concealer,and some more foundation
Foundation and some concealer
11. What about lips?
Lip liner,lipstick,lipgloss,chapstick
Some lipgloss or chapstick

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