Are you a moron???????

The moron test may sound stupid to you but it can help you. Find out if you have the ability to take over the world or if you are a complete unintelligent bum.

Are you a moron?do you have no knowledge?take this quiz and find out it could be critical to your health!TAKE THIS QUIZ NOW! seriously people i don't have all day just take the quiz..

Created by: Anthony Meissner
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1. What is 2+2?
4 duh im not stupid
monser truck
the number of toes on my hand
four hundred eighty two
2. how many toes do you have?
14 im a mutant
3. who is the president of the united states?
Barack Obama
Hanna montana
Idk i dont watch the news
4. What color is the sky?
eight hundred sixty seven
5. where do babies come from??
The vagina duh..
When mommy lays an egg
my girlfriends stomach
6. When you hear "zombies" you think?
yay mommys home!!!
AAAAAAAH run for your life!!!!!!!
ill kick their ass
7. Whats the square root of nothing??
sixty seven...
idk i dont like geometry...
8. What did you eat for breakfast??
My mommys brains
9. What would you do for a klondike bar??
kill a girraffe
buy one duh...
10. Where are you right now?
in a pinnapple under the sea
my room
united states of america

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