Are you a long lost friend?

okay this quiz is just for fun and i made this because of a friend and that does not mean you are losing your this quiz is choosing if you are losing your friend and these are not really exclamied but no one reads theses anyways

hi no one reads this! but if you do hi! if you do want friends or whatever you can go on wattpad or whatever i know weird but hey i want friends too!! my user is larryfstylinson4life........................please

Created by: nya

  1. does your friend ignore you when you try to talk to them? but when somebody else does you hear them talking forever?
  2. do they ignore you when you try to tell them something personal?
  3. do they lie and say they don't feel good when you want to hang out? but then you find out they are with their friend?
  4. when their friend tells them to come play and you are by yourself do they invite you?
  5. when you're crying but it's kinda not visible but it's in front of your friend do they comfort you?
  6. what is your name?....
  7. do you even have any friends?
  8. if you are choosing groups for class do they pick you or them?
  9. do you like people?
  10. did you like this quiz?

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