Are You A Hypocrite?

Most people who claim to be Christians, actually do things that are not very Christ like. They don't want to admit it, but they are not true Christians, but just Hypocrites trying to pass themselves off as Christians.

Are you a true Christian, or a Hypocrite? There is no better way to find out than to answer these soul-searching questions. Although God is your ultimate Judge,this quiz may help you discover your short-comings.

Created by: Concerned Citizen
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1. What would you do if someone said something mean to one of your family members?
I would jump them! No-one talks like that to my family!
Tell them they are not being nice, and pray for them
No skin off my back. My family and I are not close.
Get a bunch of friends together and confront them.
Say or do nothing. I would be afraid they would fight me if I did anything
2. What would you do if someone physically hurt one of your family members?
Fight it out with them, one on one.
My peeps and I could take them on!
Make life Hell for them!
Let the police handle it
I might have to break the commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill"!
3. How do you feel about drinking alcohol?
I think Christians should stay sober.
It's okay to drink a little
I drink when I am with friends, to have a good time
I don't want anyone to know that I take a drink now and then
Alcohol is good for your kidneys
4. How do you feel about sex?
It makes me feel wanted and loved
If we're engaged, it's okay, because we are made for each other
I like to brag about how I can have it if I want it
I would be ashamed if anyone found out I am not a virgin.
Sex is a special act that God intended married couples to share
5. If someone said they were sorry for something they did, what would you do?
Tell them I forgive them, but not have anything else to do with them.
I forgive them in my heart, but it's hard to make a physical effort to show them I forgive them.
If they did something really awful, I don't think they deserve my forgiveness.
I would forgive them and try to treat them like I would want to be treated, because we are supposed to forgive and then forget their trespasses
Sometimes a person does too much for me to forgive them.
6. How do you feel about telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
There is such a thing as a little "white" lie, you know.
Sometimes a lie is better than telling the truth.
I wouldn't call it a lie if I just changed the story a little, to protect myself.
It's not a lie if I was just kidding.
All liars, regardless of the circumstances, shall have their part in the Lake of Fire!
7. If you run into someone that you feel uncomfortable around, what do you do?
Whisper to my friends and make fun of that person
Well, if they look at me like they have a problem with me, it's on!
It's best not to say anything except a silent prayer for God to help us both be civil
I make sarcastic remarks, because they deserve it
I try to be friendly, but if you can't be nice to me, I can fix that!
8. If there is photo taken of you in clothing that is not considered modest clothing by most Christians, what do you do?
Tear it up and throw it away.
Hide it and only let my close friends and family see it
I would only dress like that at home, for bed or when changing, not in front of the opposite sex unless it's my husband, and I would not let anyone take my photo.
Well, if I'm having fun with my friends or on vacation, I want to capture the moment to remember it later!
Some Chistians are just fanatics, and too strict!
9. Do you curse or swear?
Doesn't everybody?
It doesn't mean anything. That's just how the younger generation communicates
Only when I'm really mad!
God will not hold us guiltless for using vain words or swearing for any reason!
Only under my breath.
10. When you need God's help, you pray__
Lord, change me, so that I will do what's right..
Lord, change them, so they will do what's right.
I'm doing the right thing, and I know you agree with me, Lord.
I know you might want me to do things differently, but I can't do the right thing.
It's hard for me to trust in you if things don't get better.

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