Are you a House Slob or a House Obsessive?

We all know a slob. And we all know a house obsessive who can't go to bed without plumping up the sofa cushions and putting the pots away. Does it matter? Well you clicked on this there's an issue somewhere!

Does it matter whether you're a slob or an obsessive? Not really as long as your partner/family/kids don't don't gradually leave you in a wonderfully clean and tidy home....alone!

Created by: Rapunzel
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. As you approach your front door, what strikes you first
God the nets could do with a wash
God this door needs painting
Oh God the grass....where's the cat!
God I'm home, put the kettle on
God I want to move
God I love my home, it's a mess and I don't care
4. If you went to your kitchen right now which could you easily do?
make a hot drink without hunting for a teaspoon
cook a meal without washing a plate up
put the kettle on without having to fill it
walk into the kitchen without sliding on the floor and falling on your backside
All of these
Where's the kitchen again?
5. Go to the Bathroom. What do you see?
The wet towels on the floor that you left this morning
The wet towels on the floor that you left there last week
3 tubes of toothpaste all with lids off
Every towel neatly folded on a shelf
A clean bin with a clean liner in it
Bottles and jars.....EVERYWHERE
6. Go to the Bedroom - What strikes you first
bed neatly made
curtains still closed
clothes thrown over the chair
clothes thrown everywhere...can't see the floor sort of thing!
little piles of dirty socks and underwear in the corners
can't see because you forgot to replace the lightbulb
7. Your PC Desktop. Is it
So full of folders and icons that you can't find My Documents for 5 minutes
All neat with co-ordinating background
8. Do you smoke?
9. What would you be likely to do if you have 2 hours notice for a visitor popping over?
Put some sausage rolls or muffins in the oven
Nothing. Your always ready for visitors with cold snacks.
Text them to bring some milk for the coffee
Rush straight to the bathroom to fling bleach down the toilet
Nothing because you shouldn't judge people on their home or habits
10. What's your attitude if one of the kitchen cupboard doors comes loose
Get the toolbox and fix it in 5 minutes flat
Think I'll have to find the toolbox and fix it at the weekend.
Wait till it falls off and then get someone to fix it for you
let it fall off and do nothing for 2 years
11. What do you do with your Household Bills?
I don't get paper bills - I do it all online
just pile them up on a windowsill until you can't see out of the window
keep little piles of them by the kettle to remind you
leave them unopened on the hall table
File them neatly away - no-one ever sees your bills.
12. If you bring your date back home unplanned to stay the night, what would worry you most?
The Christmas Tree still in the hallway and it's Summertime
The bedsheets haven't been changed for a month
The house is cold
Nothing to worry about. Take me or leave me!
Where did I hide the condoms
You wouldn't do that - House is too messy.

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