Are YOU a Gryffindor?

Many people think they are qualified to be Gryffindors, but not all are. A Gryffindor must be brave, talented and helpful. They are some of the best wizards in the world, far above the house of Slytherin in talent.

So, are YOU a true Gryffindor. Do you have the talent, the mind, to belong in that legendary house? Find out, with this quiz, whether you DO belong there! And this quiz will test you on your personality, not whether you like the colour red. So, take this great quiz now!

Created by: KT
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3. You've just escaped a burning building but your friend is stuck inside. What do you do?
Run back in and rescue them
Call the fire brigade
Try to rescue them, but if it gets too dangerous run back out
Leave them to get out on their own
4. You see someone stealing another person's wallet full of money. What do you do?
Say 'accio wallet' and then give the wallet back it's rightful owner.
Shout that there is a thief
Try to wrestle the wallet out of the theif's hands
Do nothing, you don't even know them
5. Your friend is hosting a party at their house but they need help cooking the food and ask you. You don't want to. What do you do?
Use magic to cook all of the food for them
Help them, and do it together
Offer to do it all yourself, but don't use magic because you don't know the spell
Say you'll help but you've got to do something first, then run for it
6. Its your birthday. Your auntie sends you some birthday money. She thought it was real, but it turns out to be fake. What do you do?
Write a thank-you letter. Its the thought that counts
Write a thank-you letter, then give the coins away
Use the coins to make things like badges
Throw the coins away - they're useless
7. Your parents get a house-elf that you don't like. What do you do?
Treat it nicely - its a living creature
Don't bother with it
Dress it up so it looks nicer
Be really stern with it and cross with it
8. You see that your friend is having difficulty with a spell and they keep causing explosions. What do you do?
Help them - thats what friends are for
Inform the teacher that they are stuck
Show them how you're doing it. Maybe they'll catch on
Just leave them, they'll do it eventually
9. Your two best friends have had an argument and aren't talking to each other. What do you do?
Invite them both to your house, listen to both sides of the story and sort it out
Talk to them each in turn and persuade them to make up
Give each of them advice on how to sort it out
Leave them - it's their problem
10. The death eaters come to catch your muggle-born friend. What do you do?
Fight the death eaters
Send an owl to the aurors
Stand in between your friend and the death eater and refuse to move
Let the death eaters take them - you're not risking your life
11. You sent a message to your cousin but your owl came back without a reply. What do you do?
Visit your cousin to see whats going on
Send another message
Do some detective work
Do nothing, maybe they're busy
12. You've broken your wand, and if you buy another one you won't have enough pocket money left to buy those new robes you really wanted. What do you do?
Buy a wand, and get the robes another day
Ask your parents to give you more money if you do the housework
Get the robes - you don't mind going without a wand for a while
Ask if you can have a wand for free
13. Someone dares you to try and rob Gringotts. What do you do?
Ignore them and walk away
Walk into Gringotts, then walk out again when they're gone
Tell them to do it instead
Have a go, you're up for anything
14. You're lost in the forbidden forest. What do you do?
Send up a signal with your wand
Try to remember the way you came in
Ask a centaur for help
Sit down and sulk
15. Do you think you're brave?
Yes, I'm 100% brave!
I think I'm quite brave...
Yes, I think I'm sort of brave
Why would I need to be?
16. Do you prefer muggle-borns or pure bloods?
Both, I don't care whether someone's a muggle-born
I like both, but pure bloods seem more wizard
Muggle borns, because pure bloods are rude
Pure bloods, of course. Anything less is a disgrace

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