Are you a girly girl?

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doglovergirl said:
Dec 13 '15, 10:45AM

57 PERCENT GIRLY GIRL. OMG!?THIS QUIZ IS SO STUPIDLY BAD IT'S +*#&$ BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ma by i went a little overboard...:{ friends???? comon i dunno BFF's?:*

sissychrissie said:
Sep 8 '15, 1:45PM

I am 99% girlie girl. Wow! Does this quiz ever have it right. I love it. I always feel and dress and act girlie. I love being girlie. Oh, I have a male teacher who knows I am a girlie sissy and loves it. teehee.

Amy Lynn said:
Jul 4 '15, 2:10PM

I am 91 % a Girly Girl So sweet I could cry

Amy Lynn said:
Jul 4 '15, 2:09PM

OMG I got 91% Im totally a girly girl.Thank you sooooo much

ace_awesomeness said:
Feb 20 '15, 6:13PM

i was 7%!!!! yessss! I am not girly at all! my hair is blond and how does that make u girly?!? I a a tomboy and not girly at all and your saying that blond hair is girly?!? thats stupid! I hate girly girls all they talk about is shoping and stuff while I prfer football and rock climbing and I dont know if gymnastics is coz I do it and can do triple flips witch is pretty cool and I dont wear a girly leotard for it!

Navneetreddy said:
Jan 26 '15, 4:51AM

AlexaHansen said:
May 19 '14, 8:09PM

How does hair color make someone more or less girly? I have brown hair and I'm SUPER girly.

jdhartil said:
Feb 10 '14, 8:44AM

Wow ...I'm not a Girly Boy I am just so Girly

jdhartil said:
Feb 10 '14, 8:43AM

Wow ...I'm not a Girly Boy I am just so Girly

Teslagirl said:
Jun 8 '13, 6:40AM

OMG!!!! I'm like TOTALLY 100% girly girl!!!
In your face nerds!

Piper said:
Mar 19 '13, 10:58PM blondes who are addicted to lipgloss and having a strand of hair twirled around their finger are girly-girls. How come it was less when I said I have brown hair than when I said I have blonde hair?

ocean said:
Oct 10 '12, 11:02PM

~*Cringe*~ THANK YOU! Ugh god I hate prissy girls... Yucky girl below..

Erasiloria said:
Dec 18 '11, 1:46PM

like OMG!!! 100% yay!!!! i love you!!! :D :) ;)

DareDevil said:
May 18 '11, 2:54AM

Thank u sooooo much!!!! If you said i was girly, u wuld hav somthin to worry about. Yes, i am girl. 12% girly all the way. *phew*

KingdomCatHearts said:
Jun 5 '08, 10:02AM

eeeww i hate girly blondes. emo emo emo

dylanlvr said:
Mar 30 '08, 7:20AM

so blondes aren't bad ppl. I am a natural blond, thank-you

1234567 said:
Mar 29 '08, 11:16AM

blondes arnt the only girly people... and i would never ever die my hair blonde!!!

bubblz said:
Mar 28 '08, 9:42PM

how does being blonde make you girly?

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