are you a germaphobe?

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i know i am going to take this quiz because i want to know if i am clean or gross. i hope in this quiz you will find out something new about yourself.

are you a germaphobe? no more wondering for you. down below you will see some questions. please, answer them honestly or the quiz will not work. good luck!

Created by: Ashley long
1. What is your age?
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2. What is your gender?
3. If your friend came to your house and brought his/her dog, and when she left there was a bunch of dog hair on your carpet you would...
leave it
get out your vacuum
call your house keeping lady
scream gross and run
4. your child goes out to play with a friend. when he/she comes home he has a box, and in a box there was a frog. what would you do/say?
tell him/her to put it outside so it wont die
tell him/her to drop the box and come inside to wash his hands and sanitize
tell him/her to put the box outside and go put your child in the shower/tub
run away from the box screaming and go take a shower
5. your friend is over and he/she went to the bath room. she comes out and you ask her/him if they washed their hands. they claim they did but her hands are not wet. what would you do or say?
let it go
tell them to wash their hands again
squirt them with hand sanitizer
run away and go wash your own hands
6. you are find a stink bug on your shoe what do you do?
flick it off
shake your leg till it flies away
start stomping on the ground
yell yuck and run away
7. you are talking to a friend and they sneeze and do not cover their mouth what do you do?
don't worry about it
jump in the shower
yell at them for not covering their mouth and run away
8. you are going swimming, while you are swimming you find a dead frog in the pool what do you do?
tell the owners of the pool
swim away and sanitize
jump in the shower
9. you see someone picking their nose what do you do?
ignore them
move away from them
scream gross and run
10. you are at a party were you get to try on clothes what do you do?
try on the clothes and have a good time
don't try on the clothes
leave the party
scream gross and run
11. you are doing a project in class were you dissect a frog what do you do?
do it
tell the teacher that it is gross
scream gross and run
12. do you think you are a germaphobe?
depends on the situation

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