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fighter said:
May 25 '15, 8:02AM

YEAH I M SMART!!!my IQ shows that i m gifted

For_Narnia said:
Jan 11 '15, 9:09PM

These thing do not measure 'genius-ness'. I am a wrestler and I have an iq of 125. I got the result smartie, but onlty b/c I am not 'strong'. The quiz enforces negitive stereotypes about geniuses and wrestlers. They are not opposites. I may not be a genius, but I am smart enough to know this is a bulls--- test

faustian said:
Aug 23 '14, 2:06PM

I am a smartie but as of now I don't get good grades. I'm flunking with one of my subjects.I've been honest...It's kinda hopeless.

Macarenah said:
May 18 '13, 8:55PM

Yo Fey, I am a wrest'la yeah!

Fey said:
Mar 21 '13, 5:39AM

What does how strong I am have to do with how smart I am???? I got Smartie, which is fairly true.

CutiePie22 said:
Mar 10 '13, 6:43PM

Sorry I meant 3.959 See in an nit smart.

CutiePie22 said:
Mar 10 '13, 6:43PM

I don't think having a 3959 out of 4 average is smart.

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