Are you a Democrap or a Republican?

Where do you stand on political issues? This quiz will examine your political loyalties and determine whether you are a Democrat or a Republican. Though the questions are written with bias, hopefully you can learn more about where each side stands on the issues.

How should you vote in 2008? What exactly does a Republican stand for? And a Democrat? By taking this quiz you can find out which side of the aisle you fall on. Take this quiz now and the answers will soon be yours.

Created by: Amy
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3. What is your take on the goverment's financing of economic welfare?
Working class Americans should foot the bill for those who are too lazy or too tied down by illegitimate children to support themselves.
Educational incentives should replace economic hand outs.
4. Illegal immigration....
Let's claim to be the savior of minorities while voting against legislation that would benefit migrants who are eager to work and learn English!
is an issue that can no longer be avoided and should be dealt with in a practical and fair matter that encourages economic growth without resembling amnesty.
Jarvus, go grab the shotgun!
5. Hillary Clinton...
is an insincere, unqualified politician. Her thirst for power comes from a narcissistic desire to become legendary rather than a honest desire to serve the people of America.
Now there's a sexy lady...
Well, things went okay when she was pulling the strings in the, monkey, dance! So yeah, let's go with Hill.
6. Abortion...
Sweet, yeah...killing babies is really cool to me. I think that women should be able to do what they want, even if it constitutes murder. Cuz, you know...people can make their own choices.
is a disgusting and barbaric practice that is rarely, if ever, necessary. Sure, abortion is a choice, just like murder is a choice.
Aw...Babies are so cute!
7. The War on Terrorism...
Pull out! Pull out! I don't support the war, never did...well I did, but still...
In hindsight probably wasn't the best choice. Still, we decided to invade Iraq, and we can't change that. We need to continue to successfully equip Iraqis to defend and govern themselves. We are making progress every day and it would only harm us, our
Nuke 'em!
8. Global warming...
is not nearly as imminent as it is claimed to be. Centuries ago our ancestors mistakenly believed that escalating amounts of horse manure were going to end all... Let's focus our energies on known, verifiable threats such as Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden, and tran
I'm with the celebrities on this one. How about we wear our "Save the Whales" T-shirts and pat Al Gore on the back while we fly from Santa Monica to Aruba every weekend in our private jets?
Time to grab the sunscreen, Scamper!
9. My animal of choice is
an elephant. Strong, sturdy, they have those cool, long trunks.
The jackass, donkey or whatever you wanna call it. I like how they...I don't know, I giggle when people say jackass!
10. The death penalty...
Nooooooooo! Don't kill the killers, the rapists, the pedophiles! It's so mean!
Well, since we're okay with killing babies and all we sure as hell better have the right to kill criminals. We safer without them on the streets anyway.
Hehe, that would be a fun job!
11. The UN
is for pussies.
is an important institution in which nation states can work together for the betterment of the global community.
would be okay if it actually accomplished anything.
12. Embryonic stem cell research...
could add be extremely benificial to the world of science. However, I believe we should explore alternate options first such as adult stem cells.
I think we should throw morals out the door when it comes to scientific advancement.
sounds really confusing.

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