Are You a Country or City Girl?

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Books and guard said:
Jan 13 '14, 12:44AM

Country girl even though I wasn't raised country I grew up in the suburbs and plan to stay there my mom grew up in a small town and my dad moved to a farm when he was 9 and I love going there but I like country music and love being isolated from modern society every once in a while.

Countrygirl264 said:
Dec 14 '13, 5:35PM

XD!!!! So accurate!!!! Look at my username yall!!!! XD xo love u whoever made this

Kayla11 said:
Sep 5 '13, 7:23PM

Country Girl!!! So right!! I live with my two sisters and we all show horses, so 3 horse 2 pygmy goats, 4 cats, 3 dogs, and 2 bunnies! And we are in the county 4-h. This quiz hit the nail on the head!

McKaylaa said:
Aug 29 '13, 9:09PM

I'm a country girl and I live surrounded by pigs,chickens,cows and horses , amazing isn't it? (Note the sarcasm)
I really wish I lived in London :(

mina73822 said:
Apr 30 '13, 6:11AM

Never heard of a town girl before. Though i guess i'm kinda like that.

PaintHorse said:
Apr 18 '13, 6:57PM

Country Girl! Yup, that's me! ;) I've got a Paint horse, a dog, 4 cats, I do barrel racing, and love being outside. =D

Hattie12345 said:
Apr 7 '13, 5:40PM

CITY GIRL so glad I'm not country I mean overalls are so ugly and I hate when I see people in cowboy boots *shudder shudder*

ravenpear111 said:
Apr 3 '13, 9:37PM

Very accurate quiz with me being a girl that loves the outdoors, yet still loves the city. [town girl]

salwhitehead said:
Apr 1 '13, 7:07PM


lear girl said:
Mar 22 '13, 5:47PM

Im a total country girl yee haw gitterdunn

lear girl said:
Mar 22 '13, 5:45PM

hey yall wuz up

KagomeandYumi said:
Jan 31 '13, 11:37PM

I got contrey girl SO TRUE :] the discription fits me perfectly :)=:p

Jan 28 '13, 4:28PM

What's the difference between a city and a town?..... Anyway, I got 81% Town girl..... That seems right, since I DO live in tne suburbs.

luver6 said:
Dec 31 '12, 4:03PM

town girl. NO SUCH THING

mariam2071 said:
Dec 8 '12, 9:16AM


Holliebug123 said:
Nov 8 '12, 10:18AM

I got COUNTRY GIRL!!!! Hell Yeah!!!! From my cowboy boots to my Down Home Roots (:

Ilovetotravel said:
Oct 13 '12, 8:38PM

I got town girl. But really i'm a CITY GIRL

ShadowGirl said:
Sep 12 '12, 9:11PM

Country Girl ALL THE WAY!!! very me!

ShadowGirl said:
Sep 12 '12, 9:10PM

Country Girl ALL DA WAY! very me!

Iloveanimals said:
Jul 27 '12, 8:16PM

I got town girl. But im actually a City girl:-)

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