Are You a Country or City Girl?

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Mikasa ankermen said:
Dec 3 '14, 8:30PM

I`m a contry girl yeha 90 persent

Kiersten 1D said:
Oct 29 '14, 4:46PM

85% Country Girl.One Word,2 Sylabyls,Per-Fect.

Ohmypanda said:
Aug 13 '14, 3:46PM

Town girl exactly where I am and have lived all my life

jubilee said:
Jul 26 '14, 4:26PM

town girl ya right i live on a farm in whonnuck

sports_2021 said:
Jun 28 '14, 2:07AM

Are You a Country or City Girl?
Your Result: Town Girl


So you're not exactly a country girl, but not a city girl either. Sure, you like the excitement of cities, but the noise, pollution, and crimes aren't exactly perfect. And country life is not a piece of pie, either. Farm work, caring for pets, seasonal allergies, and different things other people enjoy. So what are you if you're not a city or country girl? A town girl! Still has the hustle-and-bustle of cities, the serenity of the country, but without unpleasant add-ons. Rock it, town girl!

I am a small town girl.

stormfur said:
Jun 12 '14, 3:14PM

country gal.......thats me yal

stormfur said:
Jun 12 '14, 3:08PM

country gal.......thats me yal

Arwen said:
May 25 '14, 10:41PM

im a city girl when i live in the small town of juneau Alaska

May 6 '14, 2:21PM

look at my username that what i am and not afraid to let people know who i am y'all beter watch out for this girl i ripe it hard out here :O

May 6 '14, 2:17PM

that doesent mean anything i ware them to and i rid my horses all the time and that doesent mean anything y'all i'm country person and all ways be i will never go to live in the city at all

Euus said:
May 4 '14, 12:16AM

Hatie12345 I like cow boy boots they're comfortable and if a horse steps on you it doesn't hurt but I do agree with the overall thing but don't mess with a horse showing girl that rides every day about cowboy boots country girls hit hard

Apr 29 '14, 1:55PM

what are you country??? A city know it all person or a redneck country person :)

haylie5227 said:
Apr 28 '14, 2:21PM

i am a country person i hate the city. you city people need to understand that us country people are alot different then you people. sorry city people

Books and guard said:
Jan 13 '14, 12:44AM

Country girl even though I wasn't raised country I grew up in the suburbs and plan to stay there my mom grew up in a small town and my dad moved to a farm when he was 9 and I love going there but I like country music and love being isolated from modern society every once in a while.

Countrygirl264 said:
Dec 14 '13, 5:35PM

XD!!!! So accurate!!!! Look at my username yall!!!! XD xo love u whoever made this

Kayla11 said:
Sep 5 '13, 7:23PM

Country Girl!!! So right!! I live with my two sisters and we all show horses, so 3 horse 2 pygmy goats, 4 cats, 3 dogs, and 2 bunnies! And we are in the county 4-h. This quiz hit the nail on the head!

McKaylaa said:
Aug 29 '13, 9:09PM

I'm a country girl and I live surrounded by pigs,chickens,cows and horses , amazing isn't it? (Note the sarcasm)
I really wish I lived in London :(

mina73822 said:
Apr 30 '13, 6:11AM

Never heard of a town girl before. Though i guess i'm kinda like that.

PaintHorse said:
Apr 18 '13, 6:57PM

Country Girl! Yup, that's me! ;) I've got a Paint horse, a dog, 4 cats, I do barrel racing, and love being outside. =D

Hattie12345 said:
Apr 7 '13, 5:40PM

CITY GIRL so glad I'm not country I mean overalls are so ugly and I hate when I see people in cowboy boots *shudder shudder*

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