Are you a cool parent?

Parents often wonder if they are cool or not? But some can over do it. There is a difference between cool and too cool. Letting your children do whatever they please is not cool...its being a walk over.

So are you a cool parent? What do you think? why not give yourself a final score to begin with a see what the final result is? you may be surprised...choose from "cool" uncool" or "too cool"! Have fun!

Created by: beffy
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3. Your child comes in half an hour late. do you:
send them stright upstairs and ground them for a month
tell them not to do it again and ask them what they would like for tea.
Send them upstairs and shorten their curfew for the next week
4. Your child is brought home by the police for anti-social behaviour. do you:
Say "oh well children will be children"
Volenteer them for comuntity service
Ground them for 2 weeks and ban privileges
5. Your underage child wants to have sex with their partner. Do you:
argue but agree and make sure they are both safe and ready
tell them NO! and ban them from ever seeing each other again.
6. your child gets a letter home from school saying they are underachieving. this is very unlike them. Do you:
ask them if there is any particular reason and try to sort it out best you can
Get stright down to the school and see which punishments are available
dont think anything of it and put it down to amount of work
7. Your child wants to go to an all night party at a friends house. Do you:
let them go
let them go but make sure their is an adult and no alcohol
dont let them go and keep them in the house so they cant sneak off to it
8. your oldest child wants to go camping for the weekend with a couple of friends
Tell them no straight away
talk to them and see whether it is such a good idea. then make sure they are fully equiped
say "sure whatever, have fun"
9. you find some dirty messages on your childs mobile. Do you:
confront them and take their phone off them
keep quite you shouldnt have been going through there phone in the first place
send a dirty message back to the person
10. you child buys you a rubbish gift. Do you:
not let it bother you. its the thought that counts
tell them its rubbish and make them buy you something else
exchange it for something else
11. your child wants you to buy them some expensice clothes. Do you:
Buy them without thought
tell them to dream on
say you will chip in a third of the cost
12. your child breaks something very precious and valuble. Do you:
forget it, it was only a accident
go mental and keep them in their room away from valuble objects
say you know it was an accident but make them pay half to repair it

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