are twiztid enough

I'll get right to the point, either you know who twiztid is or you don't, if you don't, don't bother taking the quiz, you'll just embarass yourself and think this quiz was stupid, may be to you, but to us juggalos, it's all that matters

think your twiztid enough, think you got what it takes to be called a juggalo of twiztid, we'll see, try this quiz and we'll see who the one to be called a twiztid juggalo realy is

Created by: ryan
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1. finish the lyrics "are you afraid of the dark and things that only walk at night
don't worry about me i'm alright
nosferatu, atta control creeping at night
well if i was only all bark then you would never feel my bight
2. what record company signed twiztid to rerelease mostasteless
island records
psychopathic records
jive records
3. what is twiztid's orginal name
House of a thousand corpses
House of Krazees
House on Haunted Hill
4. What is Monoxide's full name
Paul James Methric
Paul Robert Methric
Robert Paul Methric
5. What is Twiztid's most recect album
Independents Day
The Green Book
6. Finish the lyrics "I only wanted Gwen Stefani in some panties made of licorice Amigoholic justice brand new in the box
Cause I'm a f---a who don't like rocks
All I got lost year was a bin full of sox
And a track from Monoxide featuring Tupac
7. Who was twiztid's other member as the House of Krazees
The R.O.C.
Blaze Ya Dead Homie
8. What are the names of the solo albums recently released by twiztid
Mr. Bones and Hetktic
Chainsmoker and Phatso
Cryptic Collection and Forgotten Freshness
9. What is the last song on the Green Book
Afraid of Me
I'm Alright
10. What are the names of twiztid as members of psychopathic rydas
Full Clip and Bullet
Foe Foe and Lil Shank
Yung Dirt and Cell Block

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