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Zenomix said:
Sep 23 '15, 9:15PM

59!?!? No no no no i've lived in minnesota all my life and trust me i know how minnesota is and more than half of the degrees questions are false, come on its not always below 30,SERIOUSLY THIS ANNOYES ME And minnesotans dont have accents unless your like only half amarican. The person who made this probaly isnt even minnesotan

Disney4Life said:
Aug 9 '15, 4:24PM

I have never lived anywhere but Minnesota, and I only got 65.

Disney4Life said:
Aug 9 '15, 4:17PM

I have never lived anywhere but Minnesota, and I only got 65.

Jack rock said:
Dec 8 '14, 10:20PM

You know nothing about Minnesota ill bet you just made it up and I was raised in Minnesota and I got 53%!

Meese said:
Aug 4 '14, 4:47PM

Minnesotans know the mosquito is the real state bird.

hebebs said:
Jul 6 '14, 9:45PM

Born and raised in minnesota....... got 26%. Person who made quiz is probably a drama queen from florida who talks and has never been to minnesota.

kaylathepeanut said:
Jun 13 '14, 12:29AM

Got 24%... Born and raised in MN Cx

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