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dragonesque said:
Oct 29 '12, 4:48PM

88% yes! oh and i do know the name of the state bird and flower.
Flower: Pink Lady Slipper.
Bird: Common Loon.

Vikings28 said:
Oct 22 '12, 3:26PM

DinkyTown is the area next to the U of M/Twin Cities campus... University Ave & 35W.

Uptown is the area south of Downtown-Mpls, from about W 24th St. to around W. 32nd St... a few blocks in either direction of Hennepin Ave. Hennepin & Lake St/Calhoun Square/Lagoon area.

And for the record, FrogTown is in St. Paul near the state capitol building. ;)

LunaLovegood3 said:
Jul 11 '12, 10:12PM

88%, but what the heck is Dinkytown and Uptown??????

neochu51 said:
May 22 '12, 12:25PM

I have lived in Minnesota all my freaking life, and all I got was 63 or so percent?!? UGH!

lenarocks1020 said:
May 6 '12, 2:08PM

I've lived in MN eleven years and counting. I'm just not a city person.

Magnus said:
Feb 19 '12, 5:40PM

Whoever made this quiz is an @#$ ! I've lived their my whole life. Take a quiz called "Vikings fan quiz" if ur awesome like me:D

barrelracer said:
Feb 1 '12, 1:52AM

What the hell are Dinkeytown and Uptown? I may have lived in Minnesota all my life but everyone down in southern Minnesota knows the cities are to be avoided at all costs!

Rodeo Chic said:
Jan 22 '12, 4:53PM

This Quiz is right! 100% MINNESOTAN! YeeHaw!

smiley101 said:
Jan 17 '12, 11:14AM

i ONLY got 56% and i live in minnesota!

MalorieMoon said:
Dec 11 '11, 3:54PM

73% and I only lived there till I was 8 then moved to New Mexico, but in my opinion NM sucks, the weather's too hot and nobody can play hockey. So I'm still Minnesotan at heart. And my whole family lives there. (Well, my dad's side lives in Iowa, but still.)

BFF said:
Dec 1 '11, 5:16PM

Uh...yeah.I've lived in minnesota my whole life. 47% ? whoever made this quiz must live in california. but hey, good thing i'm not as dorky as my state!

Sponge34 said:
Oct 29 '11, 7:05PM

I got 67% and I've lived in Minnesota all my life!

glowworm68 said:
Mar 30 '11, 12:11AM

I was born in Minnesota and spent much of my early childhood in Willmar, New London, and Clara City. Even though I haven't lived there since 1978, several of my coworkers in northeastern New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle have commented on my accent.

DBZFreak619 said:
Jul 5 '09, 9:09PM

I know the answers to all of these. Just shoulda had a few more. ;)

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