Anime!Manga!Mania -- Mod Application

There are very many candidates to achieve power. This power is MODing a site named Anime!Manga!Mania. Complete this thingy that is called a "Quiz" and if you get like a good enough score then I will think about making you a mod and may have POWER!!! Everyone likes power right?

So, do you think you can score big on this test and see if you have what it takes to become a mod on Anime!Manga!Mania and maybe rule the earth someday? Well I hope you score well cause I really need the help.

Created by: Nlayer of Anime!Manga!Mania
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. What is the most IMPORTANT rule on the Anime!Manga!Mania site?
To post a lot
To spam
To have fun
4. If someone posted three posts (Anime/Manga related) in a row that were the EXACT same what would you do?
Delete two
Delete one
Ban him
Delete all three
5. One potato, two potato, three potato SPAM! O_O
That was very funny!
Spamming is not good!
6. If a member of the site was making fun of someone for liking an Anime, what would you do?
Join in
Delete the hurtful posts and PM the member who said the hurtful things
Ask them to stop once and pretend it didn't happen.
Not my problem!
7. If a member from the site weather he/she be a guest, member, alien, ect asked a question about a certain type of Anime, what would you do?
Ignore that person
Make something up
Look it up on Wikipedia and research it as far as I could
Tell them to go to Wikipedia and search for it themselves
8. If you were to become a Mod of the A!M!M site and a member joined who disrespected one of your favorite Anime/Manga, what would you do?
Ban him, he doesn't deserve to be a member
PM him to quit
Find an Anime/Manga he liked and start disrespecting it!
Tell him your sorry
9. You see that a member posted a very inappropriate post with pictures and words, what would you do?
I would pass it off as nothing bad
I would delete it
I would PM the member who posted and issue him a warning
I would be the one posting it!
10. Who are the current Admins to whom you will follow?
Nlyer and Mr. K
Nlayer and Zietsune
Zlayer and Slayer
Nlayer and Mr. Keaton
11. A member uses a bad word that is not on the word filter list. How would you deal with this?
Edit post and edit filter list
Notify one of the Admins
PM him to change it
Delete the entire post
12. If a Topic becomes Off Topic, how would you deal with it?
Split spam from Topic to Taronia
Try to save the Topic by posting On Topic
Lock the Topic
Delete the Topic
13. A major poll has been rigged due too one user creating 5 accounts. How do you prove it?
PM the 5 new users
Ban all 5 new accounts
Check the IP address of all 5 users
Humiliate him on the site until his confession
14. Someone made a new Topic in the wrong area of the site, what do you do?
Delete it
Ignore it
Move it
Post in it
15. You have not been on for three days and the post count has climbed to 300 unread posts. What do you do?
Skip the Topics I do not care about
Mark all Topics as read
Take my time to read them all
Only read the Anime sections and skip all other Topics
16. What is Cowboy Bebop about?
A cowboy named Bebop?
An Anime with very adult jokes?
A DJ cowboy?
Bounty hunters?

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