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this quiz is an overview of the topic of Ancient Egypt.this quiz is also used to measure your level of undertstanding of the topic of Ancient Egypt!to have excelled in this quiz,it means that your understanding of Ancient Egypt is amazing!

so do you have the guts to try this quiz?do you want to know if you are an Ancient Egypt whiz?try it out to see where you stand!so what are you waiting for!click on it and start on the quiz!

Created by: suzaina Sudaman
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Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
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3. what is the main purpose of this website?
to know more about the wonders of the world
to know more about Ancient Egypt
to know more about Egypt
4. most people of Ancient Egypt were working as________?
5. Ancient Egypt is divided into 2 parts.And they are___________?
"black land" and "red land"
"black land" and "white land"
"red land" and white land"
6. the God of the Earth is God________?
7. What was the main type of writing used in Ancient Egypt?
8. What funerary custom did the Ancient Egyptians use?
9. What was the main function of the temples in Ancient Egypt?
the temples were believed to be homes of the gods and goddesses
the temples symbolise harmony between the gods and its people
the temples were built for show
10. The most powerful person in Ancient Egypt was_________?
the prime minister
the pharoah
the nobles
11. What does the God Osiris represent?
12. the Red Land provided Ancient Egypt
black silt
precious metals and semi-precious stones
arable land

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