Alpha, Beta, Omega: What are you?

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LoneShadowWolf said:
Jul 29 '13, 10:52AM

I just looked at my previous comment and realized how bossy it sounded. xD My bad. Sorry.

OmegaWolf9 said:
Apr 23 '13, 4:42PM

beta... um no. sorry :P

carlos24 said:
Mar 23 '13, 10:18PM

i got beta

Rave098 said:
Mar 21 '13, 5:32PM

Omega.......... THAT DESCRIBES ME PERFECTLY!!!!!!!! How did you do that?!

LoneShadowWolf said:
Mar 21 '13, 1:54PM

Omega, but, no offense, that's not the personality of an omega wolf. Omega wolves are social but are commonly looked down upon as the 'lowly ones' by humans. However, omega wolves are really vital to a pack and lower tension. They separate fights and actually get a nice portion of meat, contrary to common belief. They are social and fun-loving.

Othe r than that, this was a good quiz. Sorry if I seemed mean.

GlambertChick2 said:
Mar 21 '13, 4:32AM

alpha.. great quiz :)

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