Across The Universe

This is a quiz about the Amazing Movie ACROSS THE UNIVERSE! A love story set in the middle of turmoil. Hippies, war, and drama. What fun!?!? Jude and Lucy are in love. Max is her brother his friend and is totally cool when he walks in and finds them laying in bed together.

I mean what kind of brother is that cool? None. Hence you can totally tell it is a movie. An amazing movie. I love the end it gives me shivers and I absolutly love the Beatles too! Man they are great!

Created by: Christiana
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1. What is the second song you hear in the movie?
Hold Me Tight
Helter Skelter
All My Loving
2. Who is Prudence singing to when she sings "I Want To Hold Your Hand"?
Football Player
Head Cheerleader
3. Jim Sturgess plays....
Dr. Robert
4. What is Jude's first girlfriend's name?
5. Where is Jude during the song "Hold me Tight"?
The Cavern Club
A sock hop
New York
6. Where did Lucy's mom want her to go instead of New York?
Washington DC
7. What were the two options Max said he had after his incounter with the Army?
Learn French or Die
Jail or Canada
Mexico or get a job
Go into hiding or kill a man
8. Lucy "Haven't you heard of braces?" Jude "Yes I have. We use them to..." Finish the quote.
Straighten out teeth
hold our trousers up.
keep our pants on
catch fish.
9. What is the name of Sadie's record company?
Apple Records
Strawberry Jams
Peach Preserves
Strawberry Fields
10. What does Jude say when they are running to Mr. Kite's tent?
"Down the rabbit hole"
"I want to feed the cow"
"What is that?"
"Where are we?"
11. What song do both Jude and Lucy sing, but at different times?
All you need is love
Across the Universe
12. What instrument is Prudence playing during the last scene?
A guitar
she just sings
a toy piano
a harmonica
13. Joe Cocker plays how many people?
he isnt in the movie
14. "If nobody's everybody then somebody can be..." Finish the quote
15. Does Lucy sing all the lyrics to "If I Fell?"
No, she leaves out part of the lyrics
Yes, she sings the whole song.
No, Jude sings part of it.
No, Prudence sings part of it.

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