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  • It's ok guys. The person who made this is currently receiving substantial medical help to help counteract their extreem lack of knowledge. The person who made this obviously had NO IDEA what they were talking about lol
    Stay faithful yall
    I will support the one true God. This will not change anybodys beliefs, mostly because we all know its not true

    HiGuys Feb 25 '15, 7:40PM
  • GOD IS LOVE!!!

    Christ Love Dec 6 '14, 11:31PM

    Christ Love Dec 6 '14, 11:30PM

    Christ Love Dec 6 '14, 11:29PM
  • It shows what religion does to people, it drives them crazy like the people in the middle east.

    Steven Bentley Sep 18 '12, 7:25AM
  • It shows what believing in impossible things will do to people just like in the middle east it drives people insane.

    Steven Bentley Sep 18 '12, 7:24AM
  • It's such a shame these quizes are directed towards immature children whom have been endoctrined into the false religious cult of christianity, hopefully one day you'll see what a sham Christianity is and come back and tell me I'm absolutely right, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Steven Bentley Jun 21 '12, 1:51AM
  • What is this ???!!
    Is this what you call a quiz??!
    A rainbow is supposed to be god's promise to mankind..
    Christai ns when drunk poison or what not... jesus will save them.... dINOSURZ ARE not mentioned in the bible..
    I think this quiz is not good... Please... there are lot more people should know about the God's Holy word "the holy Bible " Im sooory.. as Im just 15 years old.. Bt In the sight of God... I stand up for Jesus

    happygurl Apr 5 '12, 1:34PM
  • This is a very ignorant quiz with very ignorant questions. One thing I will say is not everything in the Bible is to be taken literally. There are in fact 2 stories of creation, and all the scientific things that happen in the world? Yeah God designed them. I will pray for you.

    nessie14 Dec 3 '10, 8:38PM
  • After taking this test, you should no longer be a catholic!

    Steven Bentley Nov 15 '10, 5:18AM
  • I find this extremely offensive. I'm catholic! And first of all, the bible wasn't written by god, and second, push your beliefs no where.

    Shadowlord757 Nov 2 '10, 3:17PM
  • Thank you for your kind comments. I'm an Atheist too, but I used to believe a lot of those ridiculous things myself.
    The Bible is purely a work of fiction, not meant to be taken literally or seriously. I'm glad there is someone who thinks like me. :)

    Steven Bentley Apr 15 '10, 5:22AM
  • Interesting little quiz you got here, it was well done. I am an Atheist, and I enjoyed taking this quiz. Makes you think about some self contradicting things though, like how the earth was supposedly created around 6,000 years ago, but we have fossils dating back hundreds of millions of years beforehand. :)

    star_struck23 Apr 12 '10, 3:55PM

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