A One Direction Love Story ~Part 1~

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One Direction is a band of five boys. Four are British and one is Irish. There names are Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik.

This is a one direction love story. So, if you love one direction and love stories then read this. And Part 2 is where the action comes in. Part 1 just explains how you moved to the U.K.

Created by: _Magic
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3. You live in Colorado but your mother got a new job that pays really well. So, you have to move to the U.K. You are so sad because you will miss all of your friends and family. Only your mom and you are moving to the U.K. Your brother currently lives with you but he is finding a place to live in Colorado since he can’t move to the U.K. with you two.
Yay! The U.K!
But Iove Colorado
Maybe One Direction will be there: D (Well, duh)
Does One Direction live there because if they do I’m so there? (Of course!)
4. It’s Friday morning and it’s your last day at school. You get ready for school and head to school. You are in high school and 17 years old. You get to school and go to the office. They say you can stay at school today and say your goodbyes but you aren’t enrolled in school anymore. You go to the beginning of each of your classes and say your goodbyes. Some classes you stay and hang out with your best friends. It is the end of the day and school is about to get out and you say your final goodbyes to your friends and teachers.
Ugh school (But it’s your last day)
Aww...I’m going to miss everyone
But I don’t want to leave
Can’t everyone come with me (No sorry)
5. You are walking home with your best friend, her name is Maddie. She loves One Direction just like you do. You two start talking about you leaving. She says, “I can’t believe you are leaving Sunday”. “I know…it’s so hard to think about it, I don’t want to leave you”, you look at her and respond. “I have an idea then it’s crazy but my mom doesn’t care anywhere since I have gone across the world”, she smiles and grins. “Maddie that would be great! I have to go though so let me know later”, you smile. “Okay bye I’ll let you know by tonight”. She waves goodbye and you go inside your house.
That would be awesome.
I hope so.
I would be so happy!
Okay cool.
6. Your mom yells “Dinner!”. You come downstairs and start eating. “Hey mom, I have a question, it’s crazy though”, you give her an innocent look. She sighs, “What do you want this time”. “Well I was walking home today with Maddie and we were talking”, you start to grin. “And, she talked to her mom about moving to the U.K. with us and her mom said it’s okay with me if it’s okay with her mom”, you look at her. “Well, I guess that wouldn’t hurt and we have enough room in the house for her”. You scream and say THANK YOU!”
Maddie is coming!
One Direction!
U.K. with best friend!
7. You run upstairs to your bedroom and grab your phone. You call Maddie and you both scream in excitement. You tell her, “Hey Maddie we are leaving Sunday at 3am”. “So then I should probably come over and spend the night tomorrow”, she says excitedly. “Yeah, that would be perfect, just let me ask my mom. Hold on”, you tell her and yell from upstairs to your mom. “Hey mom can Maddie spend the night tomorrow since we are leaving at 3am”, you yell. “Yes honey that would be perfect actually”, she says. You tell Maddie and she tells you “Hey I should go so I can pack, Bye”. You say “Bye! See you tomorrow, remember don’t forget anything, pack everything”.
3am!!! That’s too early!!! me: *Sorry*
Can I meet one direction yet! me: *not yet*
Sleepover with Maddie!
8. It’s Saturday, Maddie says bye to her mom and dad since she is spending the night at your house since you have to leave in the morning very early. She comes over and you two spend all day packing. It’s Saturday evening and you two go to sleep early so you can wake up at midnight to help move the bags to the moving truck. Later, you guys wake up and help load the moving truck and drive to airport. You get on the plane, it takes off and it is a long flight.
I hate long flights!
One Direction!
Airplane time!
9. You feel a nudge, someone is trying to wake you up. “Hey wake up, we just landed”, you can tell its Maddie’s voice. You wake up all the way and get off the plane. All of you get your luggage and head to the moving truck. Maddie and you hear screaming girls and look out the window. They are holding signs that say “One Direction Marry Me”, “I Love You One Direction” and other. You arrive at your brand new house five minutes later.
Omg! me:*calm down*
WE LIVE BY THEM!!! me: *Yeah but no right next door, but only five minutes away*
*hyperlates* me: *Breathe*
New House!
One Directioner Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. It’s huge and you didn’t expect that. Maddie and you run inside. It has a huge kitchen, a pool, a big living room, and 5 rooms. You two help your mom unpack everything which takes all day and you two are so exhausted you two fall asleep.
Big house!
5 fives, thats a lot!
Where is One Direction? me: *patience*
11. In the morning, Maddie leaves a note that says “Sorry but I went to stay with my friend I haven’t seen in years and I found out that she lives around here. Well, she lives an hour from here but yeah. So I hope you aren’t mad and I will move back in with you maybe in three months. Call me when you get this message”. You sigh but call her and then you fix breakfast. You here a knock at the door…
That’s messed up!
3 months! That’s too long.
OMG! IT’S… (*covers mouth*Don’t spoil it)
OMG why Maddie and who is at the door!
12. Sorry but so I’m stopping and the next one should be out tomorrow or the next day. And this was just the beginning and like just the intro so the next one will have the boys actually in it!
Darn it!
One Direction! :D
Part 2
13. Who is your favorite One Direction Member?
Liam Payne
Harry Styles
Louis Tomlinson
Niall Horan
Zayn Malik
14. Comment and say who your favorite is so I make sure you like.

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