A Christmas Story

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Clou06 said:
Dec 1 '11, 10:16PM

The old man thinks its French on the box "Fragile" that was not an option!

AxelZombieMurder said:
Dec 21 '10, 3:27AM

oh yeah, 100%!!!! Beat that!!!! i watch this movie every year, every day in December!!!! I know every scene and word of this movie by heart!!!! looks like it paid off!!!!

iceferno said:
May 15 '10, 7:59AM

Got an 81%. :P I was expecting something like that.

Sunpony15 said:
Dec 23 '09, 5:46PM

omg only a FREAKIN 31 PERCENT?!

ponyluvr345 said:
Jan 27 '09, 3:55AM

my fam watches this movie every christams eve! i luv dis movie if i could i would hug u for making this quiz! btw it 88%!!!!!

maybeewecann said:
Dec 10 '08, 10:28PM

how do I find out what ones I got wrong I wanna know what I got wrong grrrrrrrrrrrrr

XemosamX said:
Jul 24 '08, 9:14PM

i watch this movie every year
but i still got a 54%
xD oh well

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