Are You A Fan Of The Simpsons Well If You Think You Are Try This Quiz And You Will Soon Find Out If Your A Fan Or Not!If Your A Fan You Must Of Been Watching The Simpsons For A While!But If You Hardly Get Any Right Then You Must Of Hardly Watched The Simpsons To Get A Low Score. I Hope You All Do Well As My Quiz Has Easy And Hard Questions, GOODLUCK.I Really Enjoyed Making This Quiz And I Hope You Enjoy It Too.Thanks A Lot From The Owner Of This Quiz.If Anyone Has Any Comments Or Complaints About My Quiz In Anyway Please Just Send Me A Message Or Woteva.Thank You .Rember To Check All The Other Things On My Piczo And Pleae Do The Polls And Everything Else On My Piczo.Also Send Me A Comment On My Other Pages.Thank You So Much For Doin this quiz. MY Quiz Is Only About The Simpsons

There Are 10 Question,Hard Ones And Easy Ones.I Wonder How Many You Will Get Right!But Then Again You Will Never Know Unless You Try My Quiz.SO START MY QUIZ KNOW And By The Way Everyone Make Sure You Check Out The Rest Of The Fun Stuff On This Page And Make Sure You Try My Other Quiz GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.TRY YOUR BEST AND DONT GIVE UP .NEVER.KNOW START MY QUIZ SIMPSONS QUIZ MAKE IN 2008 MADE BY ELLIE.RemBER Everyone I Have Many Other Pages And Stuff To Do On My Piczo So Please Check It Out As Not Many People Have Commented Or Tryed My Polls And Stuff ..Thanks A Lot For Everything.Good Look On My Simpsons Quiz,I Hope You All Do Well And Get The Best Percentage You Can Get Which Is Roughly 85 Percent To 100 To Be A Proper Proper Simpsons Super Fan.Thank You So Much SIMPSONS CHANNEL 4 AND SKYE EVERY DAY ON

Created by: ellie
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1. Which Of The Below Are The 3 Simpson Children?
Lisa,Maggie And MillHouse
Lisa,Marge And Bart
Lisa,Maggie And Bart
Marge,Maggie And MillHouse
2. What Animals Are "Itchy Ad Scratchy"
Cat And Dog
Dog And Mouse
Bird And Cat
Cat And Mouse
3. What Describes Mr Burns Best Out Of The Below
Nice To Employies And Very Generous
Evil, Nasty Millionare
Forgiving And Loyal
Sometimes Nice And Hard Working
4. How Many Children Does Ned Flanders Have?
5. Which 2 Of The People Below Work At Bart And Lisa's School
Edna Krabappel And Ralph Wiggum
Principal Skinner And Chief Wiggum
Principal Skinner And Edna Krabappel
Ned Flanders And GroundsKeeper Willie
6. Which Of The People Below Work At The Nuclear Power Point
Lenny,Karl And Homer
Mr Burns,Homer And Stewy
Lenny,Homer And Mitchell
Karl,Mr Burns And Thomas
7. What Does Otto Work As
Bus Driver
8. What Is Cheif Wiggums Son Called
9. Who Is The Oldest Child Of The Simpsons
10. What Is The Simpsons 2 Pets Called.Choose Out of the Below
Santa's Little Help And FluffBall
Snowy And Billy
Snowball And Fudge
Santa's Little Helper And Snowball

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