If you were a hot dog and you were starving, would you eat yours

Ok so this quiz is about me.. Favorite colors nickname places I've been and a few things not many people know at all... lets see if you know anything about the great Andrea.

You think you know me? We'll just see about that. I don't even think my parents could pass this quiz. Remember when in doubt just mark C.

Created by: Andrea
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1. Question #1 The quote "If you were a hot dog and you were starving would you eat yourself?" Is from which of my favorite comedians?
Bill Murray
Will Ferrell
Dane Cook
Robin Williams
2. Which of the following set if nicknames are me.
Andi, Nicky and Squirt
JJ, Andi and Dre
Suave, Franky and Andi
Andi, Stampy and Kit
3. The necklace that I wear every day is from where?
4. Favorite color of mine?
5. Which of the following is NOT true
I am a sucker for 90's balad music
I love poetry reading/ writting
I am addicted to coffee
I have a strange love for beef products
6. Which of the following is true
I want to publish childrens books that I have written and illustrated
I haven't yet, but hope to one day sell my art work
I want to publish books and sell art for my main career
I want to open a line of greeting cards that I illustrate
7. What are the three things in a guy that, when combined, pretty much sweep me off my feet... (pay attention guys lol ) ;)
Making me laugh, loving puppies and having washboard abs
Being tall, funny and handsome
Being Athletics, making me laugh and having a great smile
Making me laugh, being really tall and being kind.
8. Which of the following is NOT true
I got caught by french guards trying to sneak into L'Orsay Museum in Paris
I missed my plane to Ireland and had to wait in a German Airport for 8 hour
I had a panic attack while skydiving in Peru.
I had a police car escort me out of a Washington D.C ghetto.
9. I never did that!
I once saved a caterpillar off a highway in the middle of traffic
I got a tattoo from a man who once had no face.
A friend froze on stage of a talent show so I got up and danced with her
I bungee jumped off the side of a 200 year old bridge
10. My Pet Peeve is
People who constantly tap their fingers on something
Hearing people chew their food
The faux hock hair do
The sound of grinding teeth
11. So if you were a hotdog and you were starving would you eat yourself?
I would smother myself with brown mustard and relish. I'd be delicious.
I would eat all the other hotdogs. It would be a dog eat dog world!
I wouldnt want to eat all of me, but a small portion or maybe the bun.
If I was a hotdog, I'd pant to cool off!!

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